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Love CBD Oil Review

Operating in the cozy town of Newmarket, Suffolk, the Love CBD brand is a small, family-owned business that offers wholesome, homegrown product that’s processed with specific and tedious care. Adding emphasis on providing their buyers with trustworthy, organic goodness, the Love CBD brand is focused on offering up their premium CBD formulations that are sourced only from top quality agricultural commodities.

Having been around for six years, the Love CBD brand has established itself as one of the most prominent CBD companies in England. Today, their range of products encompass every facet of daily life to provide their patrons with a selection of offers that they can use in a variety of situations for comfort and relief.


Love CBD Oil Review


More About Love CBD

Love CBD has been around since 2014, before cannabis and CBD were the revolutionary commodities they are today. But having witnessed how the cannabis landscape was changing in the neighboring USA, the England-based Love CBD brand began to refresh their product formula to give their locals the same high quality product that was available in the US.

That’s when the brand started sourcing better cannabis to serve as their raw material. Since then, Love CBD has carefully selected their cannabis plant to guarantee the best formulations for their buyers. With careful consideration, the company chooses only farms that grow their plants specifically for the purpose of CBD extraction as opposed to using cannabis leftovers which can significantly dampen the potency of the resulting product.


The Love CBD Product Line-Up

Love CBD OilLove CBD has a humble collection of products, all of which are infused with their high quality CBD extract that lends palpable therapeutic benefits even in small amounts. While all of their offers are popular among their buyers, their Entourage Oil Spray comes out as a prominent favorite. Made from nothing more than cannabis extract and olive oil, the simplistic formulation is all-natural, all-organic, easy, and simple. The spray bottle was used to replace the typical dropper and bottle combo since it’s easier to use. Their Entourage Oil Spray can be purchased in strengths of 800mg, 1400mg, and 2000mg.

The Love CBD brand also offers a Dutch CBD Oil spray that uses the highest quality Holland-grown cannabis. Each bottle contains both CBD and CBDa, offered at one of the lowest prices for Dutch grown cannabis oils. The brand also has Entourage Capsules, Hemp Tea, and their Gold CBD Oil. Also contained in a spray bottle, their Gold Oil is a THC-free solution that offers premium grade broad spectrum hemp oil that’s void of the psychoactive effects associated with THC.


The Verdict

Love CBD’s wholesome formulations are founded on their premium cannabis and hemp raw ingredient. Intended to give their buyers the full benefits of the miracle plant, their selection of products guarantee that every individual will find something they can use to improve their overall well-being in whatever form they might prefer. Of course, prices are slightly steeper than the average, but if you’re willing to spend more for your product, then that shouldn’t be a problem.


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