Irie CBD Oil Review

We’ve all been conditioned to believe that if you want quality CBD, you’re going to have to pay a steep price. Unfortunately, however, not everyone has the financial ability to pay hundreds of dollars for a tiny bottle that only lasts a month or less. Even then, products that tout much lower prices are often seen as sketchy, shady, and just not that great, leaving penny pinchers in a sticky situation.

And that’s exactly what Irie CBD is out to challenge. With their products priced significantly lower than their competitors, Irie CBD aims to provide buyers with affordable product that doesn’t disappoint. But are their prices too good to be true?

Irie CBD Review

Formerly called Irie CBD, the brand has since changed their name to IrieHemp while still offering the same line of CBD tinctures. Although their website does allow users to leave feedback on their products, the brand doesn’t require that you sign-in to leave a review.

That means anyone can add feedback to their product pages, once moderated and approved by their website managers. That also means that they might be able to weed out bad reviews to maintain a positive reputation. Even worse, the brand could be posting five-star feedback themselves.

On the upside, there are a few resources online that you can check to read more about IrieHemp. Reddit has a few threads about their products, with one Redditor claiming that their oils were so potent that they caused a ‘high’. Aside from that however, the feedback on IrieHemp seems relatively positive.


Irie CBD Product Line-Up

Unlike other brands that combine CBD with a carrier oil for plain and simple effects, the IrieHemp brand takes their blend up a notch by adding a range of other natural ingredients. Their oils contain things like hemp seed oil essential fiber, natural proteins, and omegas to give their oils a slight edge over the competition.

Another interesting thing about IrieHemp is that they offer a selection of oils that cater to unique needs. Their range of CBD oils include:

These different blends incorporate various essential oils and natural ingredients to achieve their distinct effects. Each oil blend is also available in varying strengths to cater to users with different thresholds. Their oils are available in potencies of 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg.

It’s also worth noting that IrieHemp also has a unique pet oil blend available in 250mg. The blend incorporates other natural ingredients like hemp seed oil, cod liver oil, vitamin E oil, and astaxanthin to help improve your pet’s overall wellness. Much like all of their other oils, their pet blend uses only full-spectrum CBD.

The only other products in their selection are their topicals, and even those come in a limited selection. They have a Relief CBD Cream with Celadrin for minor muscle aches and pains, and they also have CBD Oil Face Serum for Oily Skin. The blend supposedly helps with controlling sebum production to keep your skin feeling fresh throughout the day.


IrieHemp Pricing and Coupon Codes

Here’s where things get a little interesting. IrieHemp’s products tout industry-low prices, making them especially enticing to buyers who are working with a limited budget. Prices for their oils change depending on the blend, but they fall within a similar range based on strength.

Their 250mg oils start at $17.49, 500mg at $32.49, and their 1000mg oils for as low as $59.99. That places a milligram of CBD at just $0.05, which is about as cheap as it gets. Their topicals are also pretty reasonably priced, starting at $19.99 for their Relief Cream and $38.98 for their CBD Face Serum.

Do keep in mind though that since the brand already offers their products at super low prices, they’re not really that big on discounts and voucher codes. In fact, they don’t even have a mailing list to send coupons through, so you shouldn’t really expect a lot in terms of discounts.

Nonetheless, they do have the occasional sale. That’s also why you might want to consider following them on their socials to get updates on their latest promotional offers and price cuts. Their available on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for those who want to keep an eye on their offers.


The Verdict on Irie CBD

Their interesting selection of oils makes it immensely easy to choose the right blend for your needs. Plus, because they offer their stuff at relatively low prices, it’s really not hard to push yourself to make that purchase. Keep in mind though that since IrieHemp doesn’t offer refunds or returns, you’re pretty much stuck with your product whether or not it works the way you want it to. On the upside, it doesn’t really cost a lot so there’s really not a lot to lose.


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