Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil Review

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the use of hemp-derived CBD products, especially because it’s so closely related to marijuana. That said, lots of parents have had their fair share of apprehensions when it comes to supplying their children with CBD. But Haleigh’s Hope is here to change that. With formulations that are developed specifically for use in children suffering from certain conditions, the Haleigh’s Hope product line-up is easy to tolerate, therapeutic, and kid safe.

The brand is focused on making parents feel more comfortable with the use of CBD for children, offering a wealth of personal stories from their brand ambassadors. Tried and tested by thousands of children across the globe, the Haleigh’s Hope CBD oil brand aims to become an all-in-one wellness solution for the younger generations.


Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil



The Haleigh’s Hope Product Selection

Haleigh’s Hope CBD Oil ReviewHaleigh’s Hope has just two products in its line-up: their oil and their nasal spray. The oil is obviously their flagship formulation, available in a number of strengths to help buyers experience the therapeutic benefits of CBD in a concentration that works for their specific needs. The mildest strength is just 10:1, retailing for $75 per 30 mL bottle. The strongest sits at 30:1, and all formulations are available in flavors coconut and safflower.

Unlike other brands, the Haleigh’s Hope line-up does not increase prices depending on the strength. For those who want to try what Haleigh’s Hope CBD oil can do, the brand also offers a starter bottle at a strength of 20:1. This specific product retails for just $30 for a 30mL serving, making it especially ideal for parents who are on the fence about trying the formulation.

The Haleigh’s Hope nasal spray is another impressive product in the modest line-up. Interestingly, the formulation’s product page doesn’t offer a description or any sort of copy, but instead features a single video showing how the product works.


The Verdict

For the sake of emphasis, it’s important to note that Haleigh’s Hope doesn’t claim to be approved by the FDA for any of its alleged benefits. Nonetheless, there is a lot of support coming from their community of buyers that supports the brand. Their formulations might be a little on the pricey side, but they make up for it with their trial bottle that’s almost guaranteed to get their buyers to return for repeat orders.


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