Green Unicorn Farms CBD Oil Review

It seems every vendor is out here advertising their product as the ‘highest quality’ stuff on the market. Everyone plasters that ‘premium’ CBD line all over their website, and sometimes it just gets old. Which brands are actually telling the truth, and which ones get their product in bulk from some obscure source just to label them ‘high quality’?

With everyone hopping on the ‘premium’ bandwagon, it’s tough to believe anyone is telling the truth these days. But could Green Unicorn Farms actually be an exception? Offering a broad selection of CBD-infused products, a visit to the Green Unicorn Farms website might just spark a sliver of hope that premium brands truly do exist.


Green Unicorn Farms CBD Oil Review


Green Unicorn Farms CBD Review

As you might have expected, there are a lot of reviews on the Green Unicorn Farms website talking all about the positive experiences that buyers have had with both the brand and their products. All of the feedback on their site passes through YotPo, so you can pretty much rely that their reviews are reliable.

Even then, there are some sources online that might give you a little extra insight to help you weigh your decision. On Reddit, the most popular thread about Green Unicorn Farms advises strongly against buying from the brand. The OP asserts that their flower contains nothing more than seed, stems, and shakes, which is anything but premium product.

Then again, there are a lot of other reviews online that describe the high quality herb that Green Unicorn Farm offers. Presently, the brand has yet to respond to negative reviews, so there’s really no clarity on whether the bad feedback is reliable or is just another dirty ploy from competition.


Green Unicorn Farms CBD Product Line-Up

Green Unicorn Farms is best known and patronized for their selection of CBD hemp flower. They offer an extensive range of flower strains and provide in-depth information and lab results to help buyers make a choice. Some of their picks include Sour Lifter, ALTRSM, Sour Space Candy, Berry Blossom, Cherry Abacus, White CBG, Lifter, Magic Bullet, and Remedy, to name a few.

As expected, all of their strains are also sold in bundles and in the form of pre-rolls to give their buyers a little more variety to suit their specific needs. Tinctures are also pretty big on the Green Unicorn Farms inventory. Presently however, they only offer a single tincture blend.

Their Full Spectrum CBD Oil uses the Lifter hemp flower strain, blended together with organic MCT oil to bring you the all-natural effects of CBD. Tincture blends come in strengths of either 1500mg or 3000mg, which might be limited especially if you’ve got a much lower threshold.

Other than their flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, and bundles, the brand also offers merchandise. Their line of GUF Apparel choices offer basic pieces that you can use on the daily for both fashion and comfort.


Green Unicorn Farms Pricing and Coupon Codes

Even though Green Unicorn Farms is marketed as a premium brand, their prices definitely don’t scream premium. In fact, the brand’s products come at incredibly reasonable prices, letting you get your hands on their premier items without having to spend a fortune.

Their flower starts at $24.99 at 3.5g, increasing up to a maximum of $179.99 for a 56g package. Their oil sells for as low as $59.99 for a 1500mg blend, or $89.99 for 3000mg. That places each milligram at a low price of just $0.02, which might actually be one of the lowest prices you’ll find on the market to date.

And while their prices are already pretty affordable, Green Unicorn Farms offers buyers a number of ways to shave off a few extra dollars on their purchase. For instance, the brand places one of the highest discounts for first time buyers. With a welcome voucher that cuts away 30% off of your total order, Green Unicorn Farms makes it especially enticing to dive into a purchase.

Other than that, they also offer a military discount as their way of saying thanks to buyers who have served the country. The 25% discount is available to those in active duty, veterans, and even their dependents, which is much farther than any other CBD brand is willing to go.

And then finally, there’s free shipping. To make their free shipping offer a little more attainable, the brand sets their standard low at just $49. If you need a slightly more flexible payment option, they also accept Sezzle that makes their products just that much more affordable for buyers of all backgrounds.


Green Unicorn Farms CBD Oil


The Verdict on Green Unicorn Farms

Sure, there might be a few bad reviews out there. But don’t all brands get that? Green Unicorn Farms aims at the premium brand persona, and to some extent, they achieve just that. The brand’s range of products, their in-depth product descriptions and lab reports, and their fair prices make them especially alluring to buyers who want nothing short of the best — at reasonable prices.

So while the whole ‘premium CBD vendor’ thing might be a little too common, Green Unicorn Farms breathes new meaning into the phrase and sets the standard for other vendors competing against it.


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