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Green Mountain CBD Oil Review

Based in St. Albans, Vermont, the Green Mountain Hemp Company is one of those family-owned business with a warm, fuzzy back story that tugs at the hearstrings of buyers who want more personality out of their brand. Their heartfelt story and humble beginnings are things that most buyers can identify with, and that’s one of the reasons why they’ve grown so much as a brand.

But more than just their story, Green Mountain CBD provides a range of products that most of their patrons fully vouch for. Their blends incorporate wholesome natural ingredients, and are fully supported by updated COAs for your convenience and peace of mind.


Green Mountain CBD Oil Review


Green Mountain CBD Review

According to their About Us page, Green Mountain CBD was established when a husband-and-wife duo discovered the benefits of CBD for themselves. Combining their new discovery with their desire to put up a heart-centered business that put buyers’ wellness first, the Green Mountain CBD brand was born.

Their website does offer buyers the opportunity to leave reviews, but even then, it seems there isn’t a lot of feedback for the products on their line-up. Fortunately, Reddit is teeming with reviews for Green Mountain CBD and their offers.

For the most part, it seems that Redditors are fully receptive of Green Mountain’s picks. While there are a few complaints here and there of headaches, it seems these isolated reviews reflect just a small fraction of the greater majority that stands by the Green Mountain selection.


Green Mountain CBD Product Line-Up

Despite being a humble start-up, Green Mountain CBD has quite a lot of products under their belt. Their centerpiece however would have to be their BALANCE Hemp Extract CBD Oil. The blend is what they call ‘Hope in a Bottle’, containing CBD hemp extract in varying potency levels: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg.

While they do have a separate oil for their pets, the brand claims that their BALANCE blend can also be used on your furry family members should you find the need. Otherwise, they offer Noah’s Ark Pet CBD Health Formula for all sorts of animals. Concentrations include 150mg, 300mg, and 1200mg.

Another interesting choice on their line-up is the SILK CBD Pain and Rejuvenation Cream. The formulation was developed to nourish the skin, and comes in a range of scents to create a holistic, sensory experience. Choices include Lavender, Citrus Burst, Sandalwood and Bergamot, Original, and Vanilla Wedding Cake.

Their FLEX 750mg Muscle and Joint Capsules contain CBD and a unique herbal blend that includes cats claw, chondroitin, turmeric, glucosamine, boswellia serrata, white willow, and MSM to relieve tension and help you flex and move without discomfort.

For those who want to incorporate CBD into their daily skincare routine, the brand carries the REVERSE CBD Massage and Body Oil. This formulation combines high-CBD hemp oil with MCT oil to infuse your skin with the nourishing effects of CBD.

There are a lot of other picks on Green Mountains’ range, including bath salts, soaps, lip balms, edibles, pet chews, coat and joint formula for pets, and even deodorant. All of their products contain what the brand claims to be high quality CBD, with the documentation and COAs to prove it.


Green Mountain CBD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Aside from their sentimental story and their impressive product collection, Green Mountain CBD also magnetizes consumers with their low prices. Their 300mg CBD Oil retails for just $29.99, putting each milligram of CBD at just $0.09. Sure, that’s probably not the cheapest you’ll find, but it’s affordable nonetheless.

If you’re not fully convinced just yet, it’s worth mentioning that the Green Mountain offers free shipping on all orders, regardless of how much or how little you’re buying. They’re also active on their socials both on Facebook and Twitter, so it’s easy to find coupon codes in case you were hoping to get a discount.

On the downside, Green Mountain has yet to launch a rewards program or a mailing list, which are almost considered musts for any operational CBD brand. Nonetheless, we anticipate that the brand will soon expand their discount opportunities to keep their consumers loyal.


Green Mountain CBD Oil


The Verdict on Green Mountain CBD

Their humble story might be more than enough to draw in the buyers, but if you’re just not here for that heartwarming stuff, then their products might do you in. Their wholesome, natural blends incorporate high-quality CBD and have the paperwork to prove it. And because they offer such a wide selection, it’s possible that you might be able to buy all of your CBD needs through their shop.

On top of all of that, Green Mountains CBD’s prices are much lower than what many other brands charge. So if you were looking for a brand that you can patronize for the long haul, Green Mountain CBD might just be able to end your search.


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