Green Garden Gold CBD Oil Review

Established in 2013, Green Garden Gold has maintained its focus on the production of CBD products that are directed towards helping people achieve better wellness overall. Their wholesome formulations combine the natural power of hemp-derived extracts with research-backed science to give their buyers confidence whenever making a purchase.

With a varied selection of products that caters to various needs and preferences, the Green Garden Gold brand aims to become a one-stop shop for individuals who use CBD in various aspects of their day to day life. But are their products really what they’re chalked up to be?


Green Garden Gold CBD Oil Review


More About Green Garden Gold

Green Garden Gold has been around since before hemp was legalized as a commercial agricultural crop in 2018. So their extensive experience in the hemp industry has made them something of an icon among buyers who want a trustworthy brand. All of their hemp is source from experienced farmers who uphold sustainable and ethical cultivation techniques, ensuring premium quality hemp product perfect for use as a raw material for extraction.

Since they started out, Green Garden Gold has expanded their selection to include exclusively CBG products that showcase the benefits of other cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Needless to say, the humble selection of CBG-focused formulations has gotten quite the positive response especially because they’re hard to come by.


The Green Garden Gold Selection

Green Garden Gold CBD OilWhile Green Garden Gold has its fair share of CBD and CBG products, their oils come out on top as their most popular pick. Their Real Terpene CBD Tinctures are some of their most highly sought-after products, coming in three different varieties to cater to different types of users. The first is the           Calm-U blend that uses a higher concentration of indica terpenes. The Focus blend incorporates an added dose of sativa terpenes, and then there’s the Hybrid formula that mixes both indica and sativa terpenes with a solid CBD oil base.

Other than their CBD oil tinctures, the Green Garden Gold brand also boasts hemp seed oil blends, and MCT Coconut blended CBD Oil. This oil comes in three different strengths, with the highest concentration at 6000 mg. Available in five different flavors, these oils can be especially ideal for low tolerance users who enjoy a kick of fun flavor with their CBD doses. Others in their line up include edibles, topicals, and pet products that are all infused with their potent CBD oil formulation. They also offer a CBG oil formulation as well as CBG gummies for those interested in exploring the benefits and effects associated with other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.


The Verdict

What’s especially desirable about the Green Garden Gold line-up is their prices. Offering an initial 30% discount and 15% off on all succeeding orders for buyers who sign up to be a member, their oils are impressively below market value for those who choose to join their community. On the downside, the ranges of strengths for their oils might seem limited, especially if you have a much higher threshold for its therapeutic benefits.


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