Endoca CBD Oil Review

We all want premium CBD products. But with the kind of tight competition that brands face these days, a lot of them are willing to play some pretty dirty games. Recently, Endoca was put in the spotlight as a potentially fraudulent company, using lab reports from other sources to support their products purity.

Needless to say, these allegations can seriously damage the image and reputation of even the most respected CBD vendors. And since Endoca remains a strong contender even after all the hearsay, most buyers are left wondering — can you really trust their stuff?


Endoca CBD Oil Review


Endoca CBD Oil Review

Like many other CBD brand heavyweights, Endoca uses Trustpilot to make sure all the feedback left on their website comes from actual, verified buyers. And clicking through to the Endoca Trustpilot page shows that the brand has accumulated 4,100 reviews, averaging them 4.4 stars out of 5.

If you take the time to read through their available reviews, you’ll find that buyers complain about one of three things: delivery delays, poor customer service, and ineffective products. Of course, there’s still an overwhelming number of positive reviews for the brand. But because these complaints do recur, they’re definitely worth considering.

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find that there are quite a few mentions of Endoca on Reddit as well. One thread that stands out claims that Endoca steals lab reports off of other vendors, copying them and parading them as their own.

In defense however, the brand has responded personally to these threads, claiming that the allegations were false. And because Endoca is still around, enjoying the same strong patronage as they used to, it’s safe to assume that they were probably telling the truth.


Endoca Product Line-Up

The Endoca line-up is extensive to say the least. Aside from their oils — which are their main squeeze — the brand also offers capsules, creams, extracts, and suppositories. Yup, you read that right — CBD suppositories.

But before we get to that, it’s important to discuss the brand’s range of oils. Unlike other brands that segregate their oils based on strength and flavor, Endoca has a modest line-up that’s divided into three categories: strong, medium, and flavored.

Their strong blends incorporate 1500mg of CBD while their medium strength blend packs just 300mg. Their flavored choice (which touts a blend of chocolate and mint) comes in strengths of 1500mg and 300mg.

Another curiosity of the Endoca selection is that their blends are divided into two choices per category. That is, their strong formulations are available as raw CBD oil or plain CBD oil. The same goes for their 300mg choice.

Simply put, the raw CBD oil is unheated, untreated oil that’s delivered ‘just as nature intended’, as the brand put it. On the other hand, the CBD oil variety is gently heated for maximum CBD potency.

Another honorable mention are their capsules. Just like their oils, capsules are available in strong and medium potency which contain 1500mg and 300mg respectively. The raw capsules are described as ‘tasteless’, while the medium blend is described as ‘tasteless and easy to take.’

Although they also offer things like extracts and creams, Endoca’s CBD suppositories almost always catch the attention of curious buyers. Incorporating 500mg of CBD, these suppositories are said to be the best and most effective way to full absorb the CBD chemistry.

These products are perfect for buyers who might not be able to take CBD orally but still want to experience its benefits against aches, pains, and other common disturbances and discomforts.


Endoca Pricing and Coupon Codes

Prices on the Endoca website are listed in British pounds. But once you do the math, it becomes apparent that the brand’s products are way up there in terms of pricing. Their oils come in 10mL bottles as opposed to the standard 30mL but cost almost the same anyway.

Their strong formulation containing 1500mg of CBD costs a whopping £114.68, while their 300mg blend costs £25.96. And keep in mind, that’s for just a tiny 10mL bottle. With that, it’s not hard to see that Endoca’s prices are exaggeratedly exorbitant, even for boujee buyers.

On the upside, there are a bunch of ways that the brand provides to help buyers cut back on their grand total. Their Reward Program lets you earn points that you can use to shave a few bucks off of your future orders. They also have a Referral Program that lets you earn 200 points for every friend you convince to make a purchase.

For low income households who still want to get their hands on quality product, the Endoca brand has a Support Program that provides eligible individuals 50% off on all of their products.

And finally, for those budget-conscious buyers always looking out for a deal, the brand has a dedicated page for discount coupons and vouchers that they regularly update so you can always get a price cut on your purchase no matter what time of the year.


Endoca CBD Oil


The Verdict on Endoca CBD

Their ultra high prices might deter some buyers, but Endoca makes up for it with premier quality. And while many other brands might have died a natural death after the kind of allegations that attacked Endoca a few years back, the brand has proved that you really can’t put a good name down.

Endoca has come out kicking, managing to overturn the trashtalk and maintain its place as one of the forerunners of the CBD industry. So if you’ve got a little extra to shell out, then Endoca might be worth shelling out a pretty penny for.


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