cbdMD CBD Oil Review

There’s no denying that that initial aesthetic that a brand delivers makes a significant impact on how you perceive their products all together. And if you were basing your consumer decisions on looks alone, then you might say cbdMD is the perfect place to grab a quality blend.

But are their products as top-tier as they make them out to be? While cbdMD definitely has a lot going for it in terms of branding, there’s a lot of information on the web that might make you double guess your decision to make a purchase.


cbdMD CBD Oil Review

The cbdMD brand exudes an air of sophistication and class that definitely puts them in the leagues of other, more expensive CBD brands. But even then, they maintain relatively low prices that make their products more attractive to budget-conscious consumers.

According to the brand, their goal is to bring their buyers the highest quality CBD at friendly prices. They source all of their raw hemp from US-based growers, and put all of their formulations through rigorous testing to ensure quality. At the end of it all, they post lab reports straight to their website for buyers to see.

All of their products are broad spectrum oils which means they take out THC all together to make sure their consumers don’t have to deal with its effects. But based on several reviews on Reddit, their products might lose a lot of potency because of the brand’s processes.

One Redditor sent in a query to learn more about the brand’s process, to which cbdMD responded that they blend together a CBD isolate with a broad spectrum formula to create their finished product. But because they only post the lab results for the isolate and the broad spectrum formula before they’re mixed together, it’s not entirely clear what the final solution contains after being combined.


cbdMD Product Line-Up

There are quite a lot of product categories under cbdMD’s belt, including tinctures, capsules, topicals, gummies, sleep aids, pet products, bath products, and merchandise. But as with most other CBD brands, their bread and butter remains to be their oils.

Their CBD tinctures are available in strengths of 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg, 5000mg, and 7500mg. The four lower strengths are sold in four different flavors namely natural, berry, orange, and mint. Their two strongest blends on the other hand are limited to only natural and berry.

Based on reviews for their products, it seems that most buyers enjoy their formula. But because anyone can leave a review on the cbdMD website, it’s better to check other sources for more reliable feedback. Fortunately, there are a few reviews about cbdMD on Reddit.

On the downside, the reception seems to be mixed. Although some contributors claim to enjoy their blends, there are others who claim the cbdMD formula is a lot weaker than most other oils they’ve tried. Nonetheless, flavor-wise they seem to take the cake.

Other than their oils, their sleep aids are worthy of mention. Their CBD PM for Sleep blend incorporates melatonin into a 500mg CBD oil formulation to help soothe you into calming slumber at the end of the day. The blend is allegedly an award-winning mix that’s both vegan and gluten-free.


cbdMD Pricing and Coupon Codes

Despite their impressive branding and premium reputation, cbdMD actually sells their products at fairly lower prices than most of their competitors in the same segment. Their tinctures can start off as low as $29.99, working upwards to $279.99 for their strongest blend.

If you’re the kind of CBD user who needs a regular shipment ever so often to maintain your stash, the company offers an autoship program that automatically delivers the same product to your doorstep on a routine schedule you set yourself. The autoship option lets you save 30% on your order, which can shave down the price as low as $20.9 per 30mL bottle.

Other than that, cbdMD also offers a bundle of products that combines some of their bestsellers at a discounted price. And to sweeten the pot even further, the brand scratches out shipping fees when you order products $79.95 or over.

And then finally, there’s the cbdMD rewards program. Just like any other loyalty program, cbdMD’s rewards system grants points for transactions and interactions. These accumulated points can then be used towards purchases to shave down the cost of your order.


The Verdict on cbdMD

At a glance, cbdMD delivers impressive branding that can draw in any aesthetic-conscious consumer. But a look into their formulations and the reviews about them might indicate that the brand’s products aren’t quite as potent as they claim to be.

But even then, there’s a strong patronage that supports cbdMD, claiming that their products are well worth the price. And because they’re not as expensive as other vendors, it’s easy to see how cbdMD has managed to stay in the lead despite the negative review littered here and there.

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