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CBD Boutique CBD Oil Review

A major challenge when buying CBD oil online would be the research it takes to find reputable sources. Every single brand will do what it can to make sure that buyers are lured in to make a purchase — whether it’s alluring copy, trendy packaging, or sky-high claims. That’s also one of the reasons why it’s so difficult to make a choice, especially when all of the available options look more than viable.

Fortunately, there are companies out there who want to make the buying process a little easier. CBD Boutique was founded with the goal of providing buyers a list of vetted choices under one roof. Their website brings together some of the best brands in the biz, ensuring that whatever choice you make, you’re getting great product.


CBD Boutique CBD Oil Review


CBD Boutique Review

Since CBD Boutique doesn’t really have any products that are sold under its own brand name, reviews for their stuff don’t really reflect the company’s caliber as a CBD oil seller. However, they do provide buyers the opportunity to leave feedback for their listed products, all of which are verified by YotPo.

All that considered, it’s probably wiser to consider what buyers have to say about the company’s support instead of looking into the quality of the products they sell. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information online about CBD Boutique and the quality of their customer care.

Based on several reviews from the website however, there are a bunch of patrons who have been supporting the CBD Boutique for several years. Other than that, the brand also matches prices, provides refunds, and offers prompt, friendly support for both past customers and prospective buyers.


CBD Boutique Product Line-Up

According to the company’s about us page, they’ve made it their mission to provide buyers effective, quality products that come at competitive prices. They impose strict quality control requirements on all of the brands that they enroll into their line-up to guarantee that buyers have a suitable selection to choose from.

CBD Boutique’s oil selection includes a bunch of well-known CBD brands that comply with the Boutique’s stringent requirements. Brands include Heka Hemp Co., Pachamama, Wana Wellness, Cibadol, and Ivydiol. These oils include all of the different varieties you might look for like full spectrum and broad spectrum oils, and isolates.

Strengths for their oils range from as mild as 120mg to as strong as 7200mg. Some of the brands they carry also come with different natural infusions like goji cacao, holy basil, green tea, and black pepper turmeric.

Since they are the CBD Boutique, the company carries far more than just oils. Their edibles and capsules come from the same broad range of brands and offer different flavors and strengths. For those who want a little extra diversity, they also have hemp honey that you can add to your favorite breakfasts, snacks, and desserts.

If you’re interested in the skincare benefits of CBD, the Boutique stocks a variety of topical products infused with CBD. They have muscle gel, body lotion, soothing body cream, athletic rub, relief salves, pain cream, and bath bombs.

And then finally, there are the CBD Boutique pet care products. Buyers with pets who benefit from the effects of CBD can find things like pet tinctures and treats that use premium CBD in palatable flavors that your pup should eat without a fuss.


CBD Boutique Pricing and Coupon Codes

One of the things that really gives CBD Boutique an edge over their competition is the fact that they offer a price match. So while other companies that resell CBD from other brands have to hike their prices to make a profit, CBD Boutique offers to match any price for the same product that you find online.

Other than that, the brand also has a money-back guarantee in place. Any product — whether opened or unopened — can be eligible for a refund as long as its returned within a 30-day period from purchase. Sure, there are going to be a few fees including shipping a 10% disposal fee, but you still get majority of your purchase price back.

Finally, the CBD Boutique does have a mailing list in place, offering to send their latest updates, promotional offers, and coupon codes straight to your email address when you sign up. And for those who prefer getting their updates through social medai, CBD Boutique maintains presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


CBD Boutique CBD Oil


The Verdict on CBD Boutique

Taking on the shape of a personal shopper, the CBD Boutique company eases the entire process of choosing the right CBD product. By vetting the products on their line-up and imposing strict requirements, the brand ensures that buyers will only ever find quality product stocked on their shelves. Plus, because they match prices and offer lots of ways to get price cuts, you can also be certain you’re paying a fair price for all of their offers.


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