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Cannavest CBD Oil Review

The Cannavest brand is the name behind the +PlusCBD line of products that are advertised as a high-quality, effective, and safe collection of hemp-derived products that are intended to improve quality of life. The company offers a wide selection of formulations and products, including oils, edibles, topicals, serums, and more to give buyers a complete spread of CBD essentials all under one cyber roof.

Dedicated to combining quality and wellness, the Cannavest company sources their raw material from some of the most trusted farmers in the business. Careful to engage with cultivators that don’t uphold the same principles that the brand holds dear, the +PlusCBD line of products are made only from hemp resources that are farmed with sustainable and ethical cultivation techniques.


Cannavest CBD Oil


More About Cannavest

Cannavest Sciences is the company that manufactures the +PlusCBD line of products. They tackle the CBD market from the angle of scientific research. With published studies that showcase the efficacy of their own formulations, the Cannavest Sciences manufacturer gives their buyers the highest guarantee for their products effects. So much so, that they’re one of the few brands that offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for buyers who aren’t satisfied with their formulations.

With a team of naturopathic doctors and medical doctors working as their board of consultants, the Cannavest Sciences company sources all of their product formulation strategies from experts who can truly determine whether a specific blend will be effective or not. All of these recommendations are used in order to produce the selection for the +PlusCBD line-up which is advertised as a scientifically sound spread of products.


The Cannavest Product Line-Up

The list of products that +PlusCBD doesn’t offer is infinitely shorter than the ones that they do. That is, they offer almost every kind of hemp-derived product you could imagine. The company managed to do this by incorporating science into their manufacturing process. With highly specialized extraction and processing techniques, the brand discovered ways of manufacturing all sorts of product formulations without dampening the potency or quality of the cannabinoids they contain.

Of course, the star of the show remains to be their CBD oil. Advertised as ‘CBD drops’, their oils come in three different variations. The Gold Formula comes in strengths of 250g, 750g, and 1000g. Flavors are peppermint, goji berry, and unlfavored. Marked their ‘most potent dietary supplement’, the Gold Formula is essentially a concentrate of their other extract formulations. That said, it takes much less of the product to achieve therapeutic benefits. Prices for this product start at $31.99 per bottle.

Other oils in their line-up include their unsweetened CBD drops and their Peppermint CBD drops. Both formulations are similar in strength and effects, and act as a milder version of their Gold Formula. On top of all of that, they also offer a range of other choices including edibles, soft gels, capsules, ballms, roll-ons, and other topical solutions to go with their CBD drops.


Cannavest CBD Oil Review


The Verdict

While the Cannavest company’s +PlusCBD line-up isn’t the cheapest you’ll find, they still offer pretty reasonable prices considering the kind of meticulous care that goes into their production process. Offering a range of different hemp-based products under one roof, the brand can easily become a one-stop shop for a CBD user who doesn’t mind paying a little extra to guarantee their satisfaction.


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