Balance CBD Oil Review

Balance CBD is a Washington-based CBD brand that offers a host of products from oils to edibles and everything in between. Their broad selection of products claim to use fully organic, all-natural ingredients with the goal of amplifying the benefits that CBD has to offer. But what makes their products even more desirable is that they infuse some of them with terpenes from specific, well-known hemp cultivars.

Understanding the different preferences and needs of people in the CBD market, the Balance brand also offers all the various choices when it comes to extract formulation. With isolates, broad spectrum, and full spectrum choices in their line-up, the company doesn’t limit its buyers to just a single blend.


Balance CBD Oil Review

More About Balance CBD

Although Balance CBD doesn’t have their own hemp farm facility, they do work with trusted cultivators with extensive experience in the industry. Their farmer partners are carefully screened to ensure their practices coincide with Balance CBD’s principles of sustainability and eco-friendliness. That said, the brand claims to work tightly with their farmers to monitor and guarantee the quality of the hemp they use for their products.

According to information on the Balance CBD website, the brand’s products are vegan, GMO-free, and do not contain any additives or artificial ingredients. They also offer in-depth third party testing and chemical analysis on their site to help buyers get a full understanding of exactly what they’re getting when they make a purchase.


The Balance CBD Product Selection

Balance CBD has a wealth of products for buyers to choose from in their attempt to satisfy the needs and preferences of consumers with varying standards. Their oils are however take center stage, offering their patrons a potent way to enjoy the benefits of CBD without the stress. Their oil blends come in a range of strengths and some are infused with terpenes from specific hemp varieties.

This helps to enhance the user experience and may even work to improve the overall benefits that the oils provide. For those seeking to leverage their CBD oil for specific needs, the Balance CBD brand also offers specialized blends. Their range includes oils labeled Sleepytime, Calm, and Relief, which are all formulated to steer the CBD user experience towards a specific goal.

Other than their oils, Balance CBD’s gelcaps have also made ripples in the market. Their jar of capsules contains 30 pieces, with each gelcap delivering a mild dose of 10mg. Their gummies are also quite popular, coming in options of 100mg or 300mg. Flavors include strawberry, orange, and a mixed variety pack.

Just like any other CBD specialty brand, Balance CBD also offers products like bath bombs, creams, skincare products and more. But if you’re interested in trying out a new way to enjoy hemp, then Balance CBD’s spray might be up your alley. This formulation puts their iconic original blend into a spray bottle. A single use delivers a potent dose of CBD on the tongue or the back of the throat. This method is particularly ideal for users who want fast acting benefits, since the spray has been known to pass through into the bloodstream much faster than other choices.


Balance CBD Oil Additional Information on Balance CBD

Although Balance CBD has a pretty impressive selection when it comes to their oils and other products, their prices aren’t exactly what you would call the most affordable. Nonetheless, they do fall within the industry standard in terms of pricing. And while it would have been nice to be able to save up on purchases with a rewards or loyalty program, the brand doesn’t currently offer any such perk. On the upside, they do have seasonal promotional offers and sales that you can leverage to get a price cut on your future orders.


The Verdict on Balance CBD

Their selection of oils – especially those infused with the same terpenes found in the hemp plant itself – can be particularly interesting for CBD oil users who want to change the way they enjoy the extract. And while the brand’s lack of a loyalty program might mean that you’ll have to spend full price every time, they do make up for it with quality and variety.


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