Active CBD Oil Review

While many other brands take the angle of trendy marketing strategies and sleek packaging, the Active CBD brand is a straightforward company that offers nothing but ethically sourced and manufactured hemp products. Their products are available throughout various stores and emporiums throughout the country, making them relatively easy to find even offline.

Another thing that makes Active CBD particularly distinct is their wide selection of products. With over a hundred different options for buyers to choose from, this company aims to help buyers experience hemp in new ways. Their extensive product line-up makes hemp easy to take in more ways than one, so people of all preferences and standards can experience its benefits in a way that suits their needs.


Active CBD Oil Review


More About the Active CBD Brand

Although Active CBD has been around for a while, there’s not a lot of information on where they come from and who’s behind the brand. Their website provides a wealth of information on their processes and manufacturing protocol, but there’s an obvious lack of detail on the identity behind the logo. That said, some buyers might be put off by the insufficient company information.

What we do know about Active CBD however is that they source their hemp from third-party cultivators. They’re also particular when it comes to the processes that go into extracting the chemistry of their herb. Using state-of-the-art technologies and CO2 extraction procedures, the brand ensures maximum potency with as little alteration to the plant’s original composition.


The Active CBD Product Selection

Active CBD OilActive CBD sells their products through a completely different website by the name of Discovery CBD. Their oil selection is relatively expansive, including both full spectrum options as well as isolates. Of course, the brand also has a range of flavors to choose from including berry, cinnamon, and vanilla. In terms of strengths, the company kicks it off at a modest 300mg and caps their formulations at a maximum of 2500mg.

Another thing that makes the Active CBD oil line particularly appealing is their fair pricing. The mildest formulation costs just $19.99 which is particularly affordable compared to many of the other options on the market. Their most potent formula at 2500mg costs just $119.99 for 60mL.

The Active CBD brand has a range of other products under its belt, and many are commonly found among retailers. Their gummies, capsules, creams, lotions, and healing salves are all pretty common throughout the market. But there are a few items in their inventory that might be a first for some buyers.

Their Performance Patch is a distinct item on their list that provides yet another convenient method for users to experience the benefits of hemp. These patches are designed to provide up to 48 hours of relief with a single use, making them ideal for people who prefer topical options but don’t want to have to keep reapplying product throughout the day.

For those hoping to achieve maximum effects with just a small amount of product, the Active CBD brand carries a CBD Isolate Powder product. This choice lets you get a significant amount of CBD in just small doses of product. It also effortlessly dissolves into food and drink so you can enjoy its benefits without the bitter taste.


Additional Info on Active CBD

Because Active CBD doesn’t sell their products through their own website and instead enlists the help of vendors to do the selling for them, there are no rewards programs, discount offers, and promotions that you can use from the brand itself. Nonetheless, the Active CBD brand is relatively affordable compared to most choices you’ll find. So you can still spend less even without the discounts and promotions.


The Verdict on Active CBD

Offering some of the most affordable products in the hemp market, the Active CBD company makes hemp and CBD accessible to most buyers. But then again, the absence of a solid reputation and identity behind the brand might put off buyers who really want to know who they’re buying from before they settle on a purchase. It’s also important to mention that although most of their products are affordable, the lack of a rewards or loyalty program means you’ll still have to spend the full cost with each purchase.


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