Best Jars to Store Your CBD Hemp Flower

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There’s so much that contributes to the quality of your hemp flower. Aside from proper cultivation, processing, and handling, storage plays a major role in preserving the potency, effects, and chemistry of your coveted CBD hemp flower stash.

If you buy bulk hemp flowers for the cheaper cost per gram, then it’s also part of your duty to preserve the plant matter for as long as possible. That entails copping a set of premium CBD flower jars that seal in freshness and keep out contamination.

3 Best Jars for CBD Hemp Flower Storage

Not all containers are created equal. If you’re thinking to keep your bulk hemp flower in storage for several months, you’re going to want to use a jar that’s up for the challenge.

Airtight containers that protect your product against adulterants and keep all of that natural goodness properly contained should help extend the freshness of your CBD hemp flower for the long haul. But there’s more to consider than just how tight a seal it provides.

Herb Guard Airtight Jar and Ultraviolet Container

Made from premium glass, Herb Guard jars were fashioned with hemp flowers specifically in mind. These specialized containers provide an airtight seal that prevents contamination and protects your CBD flower from degradation.

The discreet, all-black jars feature soft, smooth outlines that make them especially aesthetically appealing. All jars come paired with a BPA-free plastic lid and a humidity pack that prevents moisture build-up on the inside.

On top of all of that, the jar also provides maximum UV light exposure protection. That means that in case any sunlight leaks into your storage space, the container will prevent UV rays from penetrating into its chamber and potentially causing changes in cannabinoid content.

Ball Regular Mouth Mason Jars with Bands and Lids

You can’t go wrong with a mason jar. Designed specifically for preserving fruits, vegetables, herbs, and more for months or even years at a time, mason jars provide what is perhaps the most reliable seal in all of the container and storage solutions market.

These glass jars use particularly thick material that makes them almost impervious to damage. The screw-type band and lid offer a secure seal that you can achieve without having to surrender the ability to open the container after all has been said and done.

Easy to use, reliable, and trusted, Ball Mason Jars can help lock in freshness for several months or more, depending on where you store the jar itself.


Vtopmart Glass Jars with Airtight Clam Lids

Popular for their easy access and simple use, Vtopmart’s Glass Jars with Airtight Clamp Lids provide maximum accessibility. These lids open and shut with one-handed use, all without risking the integrity of the product inside.

The thick rubber rims around the lids promise to provide a super airtight seal that keeps air, particles, contaminants, and adulterants from penetrating into the containment chamber.

They’re also pretty large. Able to hold up to 78oz of hemp flower, these sizeable jars make the ideal choice for users hoping to stow away large quantities of bulk hemp flower.

What Makes a Good Hemp Flower Storage Jar?

So what exactly should you be looking for when you shop for a container for all of your hemp flowers? Preserving all of those cannabinoids and terpenes doesn’t happen without any effort. Thus choosing a proper jar helps you move towards that ultimate objective.

The tinted glass prevents UV rays from penetrating into the jar. This is important because studies have found that UV exposure can actually convert some of the cannabinoids in your hemp flower from inactive precursors into active form cannabinoids or other organic compounds altogether.

Because this can change the experience, experts recommend that you store your hemp flower in tinted or opaque jars, or that you keep your transparent jars away from direct sunlight.

  • Airtight seal – Prolonged exposure to open-air can cause changes in the integrity and texture of the plant matter. You’ll notice that hemp flower that’s just left out in the open turns stale and dry.

An airtight seal maintains proper texture and keeps the tendrils and trichomes sticky to touch even months (or years) after the flower has been kept in storage.

  • UV protection – There’s a reason why some hemp enthusiasts store their flowers in brown-tinted jars. The same logic applies to beer bottles which you’ve probably noticed are almost always dark brown.
  • Smooth interiors and outlines – You’re going to want to clean out that jar every so often, especially when the hemp flower it contains runs out. This is all just part of proper maintenance and hygiene since you don’t want new batches contaminated with residual degradation matter from the last batch.

Jars with narrow mouths, lots of crevices, hard-to-reach inner corners, and little spaces where dirt and grime could sink into probably don’t make the ideal choice. As much as possible, you’ll want a jar that’s smooth on the inside and has a wide enough mouth that you can stick your hand in for a cleaning.


How to Store Your CBD Hemp Flower Jars

The jar is one thing, storing it is another. Proper jar storage helps prevent exposure to various elements and contaminants that could damage the contents even if the jar itself is properly sealed.

Here’s how to store your new CBD flower jars:

  •  Keep away direct heat and sunlight, including behind heat-generating appliances like refrigerators and microwaves.
  •  Store your jars at room temperature to prevent condensate from forming inside the containers.
  •  Whenever possible, toss in a humidity packet to keep moisture levels at bay.
  •  Use a serving spoon for all of your jars and avoid taking out the excess flowers and then putting it back into the jar.
  •  Burp the jar once or twice a month. This releases built-up gasses inside the container and slows down any degradation that occurs.

Proper Storage is a Big Deal

Yes, copping a set of proper jars for your CBD flower is a major necessity in maintaining freshness and potency. All things considered, it’s a small price to pay for a serious investment towards preserving your coveted CBD hemp flower’s chemistry.

Consider these vetted picks when shopping for the best CBD flower jars and make sure you follow our tips to help extend your stash’s lifespan and keep it as strong as it was on day one.

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