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Barrels Organics Vendor Review

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Barrels Organics review

Barrels Organics is a physical store with a digital presence. Based out of Lynwood, CA, it is the first CBD store in the city. Born out of a unique story of friendship and the healing powers of CBD, this store is a testament to the incoming wave of CBD in the world.

BO was founded by three friends, Tony, Victor, and Alex. Their CBD journey began when Alex had a major accident and had to go through multiple surgeries. As is usual, he was prescribed pharmaceutical painkillers for pain management. This led to a growing dependence on opioids, even though it wasn’t helping Alex live a normal life.

Unable to bear the sight of Alex suffering, Tony and Victor started to research alternatives to opioids and soon found CBD. Alex felt the difference as soon as he had taken his first dose of CBD. He felt normal and without pain for the first time since the accident.

The three friends soon discovered all the other ways CBD is beneficial and saw the opportunity to spread CBD in their community. Thus the first CBD store of Lynwood, CA, was born. As a multi-brand CBD store, the founding team focuses on in-person interactions with every customer and stocking the best products available. They are on a mission to educate the residents of Lynwood about the benefits of CBD hemp.

Top Products from Barrels Organics

This CBD store has a variety of CBD products that cover almost all categories that one can think of. Everything is available under one roof, from flowers to tinctures, smokables to edibles, topicals to self-care. The inventory is mirrored in both its digital and physical stores.

Brands stocked by the store include well-known and respected names in the industry, such as Charlotte’s Web, OrganicCBD, Habit CBD, Plain Jane, Buddha Tea, cbdMD, Seventh hill, and many more.

Barrels Organics products review

Going by the online store numbers, their most popular item is a pack of Plain jane Hemp pre-rolls, made in the same format as a cigarette. It is a low-odor variety that fits right in with a community that has only just started getting used to the idea of legal hemp. The next most popular product is a pack of CBD gummies designed for sleep from Charlotte’s Web. The one right after it is also a sleep-aiding gummy product. This time from Sleepy Bear, it has the added benefits of melatonin and CBN alongside CBD.

Right after the Sleepy Bear gummies, we find a pain-relieving topical solution from Habit CBD called Habit Active Pain Relief gel. This is a warming-type gel. Next in line, we have several CBD pre-rolls from Plain jane, Pure Hemp Farms, and a few more companies.

These are followed by more edibles, including a peppermint flavored CBD oil, CBD infused honey, and an OrganicCBD vape pen with a 1000mg concentration. We also find some Hawaiian Haze and Lifter CBD flowers that appear on the list before a Tulsi Ashwagandha tea from Buddha Teas.

Also on the list of popular brands are names like CBDfx, cbdMD, Original Hemp, Killcliff, and Funky farms. Based on the various top products, it is clear that the company’s customer base is all about the utility of CBD. They are keen on pain relief and sleep aid and want to experience it through inconspicuous forms such as edibles and pre-rolls made like cigarettes.

What you will not find in the store, whether physically or online, is the new alt-cannabinoids that cannabinoid labs are manufacturing. These include Delta-8, Delta-10, HHC, etc. While most other companies have given into the lucrative opportunities of these cannabinoids as alternatives to Delta-9 THC and cannabis hemp, Barrels Organics seems to have resisted the temptation.

What People Are Saying

Barrels Organics reviewThe website itself barely has any reviews, but the company does have a steady presence on social media and third-party websites. Reviews left by customers on these platforms are almost all positive. They mostly talk about how clean and welcoming the store is. Reviews also mention the friendliness of the staff and how knowledgeable they are about the products.

Coming to the products, almost all reviews praise the efficacy of the various CBD products. They mention how it has helped them through various problems, including chronic pain and sleeplessness. Overall, the response seems overwhelmingly positive for both online and in-person customers.

Barrels Organics Coupons and Discounts

First-time users are offered a 15% discount coupon if they register online. None of the usual pop-ups advertise first-time or “before you leave” deals on many similar online stores. The physical store in Lynwood often has special deals and discounts that are not available online.

Barrels Organics Legal Compliance

Barrels Organics only sells legal CBD hemp and CBD products which are always under the 0.3% Delta-9 THC threshold. This makes all their products compliant with the 2018 Farm bill. Certificates of analysis for each product are usually available from the manufacturer directly or are part of the product packaging.


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