Banana Sherbet Strain Review

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user, Banana Sherbet might be a bit of a knockout. But veterans can definitely get a kick out of its sublime effects that work to challenge even the most experienced of users.

Aroma and Flavor Profile

Just as its name suggests, the Banana Sherbet strain delivers a distinct, fruity floral fragrance that captures your olfactories the moment you break the pack’s seal. The strong aroma is thick, lush, and strong, overpowering your senses before you even take that first drag.

When you finally hit it, Banana Sherbet brings forth an authoritative taste of tropical fruit. Sweet and nectary, the taste soon blends out with pepper, herbs, and hoppy, electrifying the taste buds and awakening the body with jabs of strong, jumpy flavors that increase salivation. The tail-end is the typical taste of charred forest floor, earth, and a tinge of gasoline, offering a smooth bitterness that blends well with the initial fruity, floral, tropical tastes that come out at the forefront.

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Effects of Banana Sherbet

With THC levels through the roof, you can expect Banana Sherbet to dominate your mind and body as it switches into overdrive. But because it leans more towards the indica side of the spectrum, it brings with it more relaxed, calm, and collected effects that are perfect for winding down after a long, tiring day.


Banana Sherbet unlocks the mind and relieves inhibitions to make it easier for you to explore your thoughts and emotions. The meditative strain is perfect for those moments when you need to unpack issues that you might not be able to examine without inspiring feelings of stress.


You can think of the Banana Sherbet strain as your own personal cognitive housemaid. The strain enters your mental attic, clears away the clutter, and gives you enough mental bandwidth to think without breaking concentration, helping you do away with cognitive noise that might make your attention span a little shorter than it should be.


Something about the Banana Sherbet strain will make you want to stay stuck to your sofa for the duration of its effects. The potent indica strain numbs out the extremities and gives the feeling of weighted limbs, limiting the desire to move around. The result? A truly meditative experience that keeps your mind moving while your body stays glued to your seat.

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Banana Sherbet might be easy and effortless on the body, but the strain is anything but effortless in the garden. This strain is pretty demanding, requiring lots of TLC if you want to harvest the highest THC. The cultivar is sensitive to too much cold, moisture, and poor soil conditions, and will refuse to germinate if you don’t meet its needs.

Water the plant sparingly, provide lots (and we mean lots) of fresh air and sunlight, and avoid planting the seeds next to any other vegetation in your garden. Fertilize your soil, inspect for bugs and other pests, and supply artificial warmth at all times.


For indoor plants, use a large, spacious pot with lots of vertical space for the roots to grow and expand. Use dry, loamy soil that’s treated with fertilizer to maximize your chances of seeing your plant to maturity. Indoor plants are more susceptible to root rot and fungus, so make sure you give it enough heat to evaporate excess water. You might be able to see flowers after around 8-9 weeks of proper care.


Try to plant your seeds in treated, fertilized soil, far away from any other plants, trees, or vegetation in your garden. Pick away weeds that encroach on your seeds’ plot and provide a lamp in the evening to maintain the ideal warmth. Expect your plant to grow to medium height, producing high-yield at the end of a 7-8-week period when grown outdoors.

Similar Strains

So, your local dispensary is out of Banana Sherbet. Total bummer. Good thing these strains bring almost the same experience so you can enjoy similar effects and flavors while you wait for that restock.

  • Banana OG
  • Banana Kush
  • Chiquita Banana
  • Banana Cream OG
  • Ultra-Banana
  • Strawberry Banana

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Banana Sherbet is really all that. And if you’re not quite sold just yet, here’s what some of the strain’s fan say about its incredible taste, effects, and growing behavior.

  • She’s a fighter, I’ll tell you that. Growing the stuff isn’t the easiest and will definitely sap the patience out of you. But with dedication, the high-yield strain delivers a bounty of nugs that you can sell for a fortune.
  • Banana Sherbet is literally the only strain that took me for a ride from the moment I opened the bag. The aroma is honestly so overwhelming in a good way that I want to keep a nug up my nose the whole day.
  • I can’t remember what happened the last time I took Banana Sherbet. The cultivar is strong, I’ll tell you that, and you’ll probably forget every single minute of your high if you take too much. Use with caution!

Final Thoughts

The funky tropical taste of Banana Sherbet is a mere shadow of its monumental effects. So, don’t let that sweet exterior fool you – this hard hitter means business, and it will push you into submission and lock you to your sofa with its supreme THC levels. When used in moderation however, Banana Sherbet can be a blissfully easy-going trip, taking you on a slow, steady, and smiley cruise down to tropical paradise.

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