Banana OG Cannabis Strain Review

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Banana OG Cannabis Strain

One user reviewed Banana OG and said, “It made me feel like butter melting on top of pancakes.”  This incredibly potent strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid with very famous parents. The result of a cross-breed of two cannabis giants, Banana OG is a harmonious balance of its origin strains offering a long-lasting high that is felt in the whole body. There is an intense relaxation and potent body melt along with deep introspection and thinking.

Banana strains are notorious for their flavor and aroma. If you are a fan of this it’s going to be your type of smoke. Others find it a bit too sweet which makes it a deal-breaker. It is best to take time to smell the nugs before diving in. Banana OG is a creeper strain that takes a while to kick in. Once it does, it hits hard. Smoke it fast and all at once and get a comatose-like stone. Take it slow and get on a ride to introspective relaxation.


Origins of the Banana OG Strain

OG Kush, the all-star strain, was crossed with Banana Kush which is already a hybrid of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze, to create Banana OG. These two were crossbred to exhibit the star qualities of each parent. Banana OG demonstrates impressive OG characteristics in its smooth smoke and complex flavor and aroma. Its Kush features are evident in its Indica property and it is a Haze in its effect on uplifting moods.

It is 60% Indica and 40% Sativa that is evident in its whole body effect. Its most famous breeders include Apothecary Genetics and Zoolander Seeds from Los Angeles, California.


Banana OG Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Banana OG has a tricky aroma that tends to differ for everyone. Of course its primary banana scent is present which others describe as “fresh” and some as “overripe.” There are undertones of cinnamon and vanilla as well as a grass and earthy smell. Its Kush qualities also peek through with sour-smelling notes scattered throughout the buds. It has the archetypal weed scent mixed with strong a banana aroma.

The aroma can be appealing or appalling depending on your inclinations. The taste, however, is more pleasant. It has a fruity citrus flavor upon inhalation but its taste changes when the smoke exits the mouth. Upon exhalation, once again, the Kush diesel taste comes through. It may also leave an earthy, leafy aftertaste in the tongue and palate.

The suggested way to enjoy it is through a desktop vaporizer, a pipe, or a joint to appreciate its unique flavor. Light it up and you’ll immediately notice a thick, oftentimes cough-inducing smoke that fills the room with the pungent smell of incense.

While the taste and scent are all too complex, Banana OG looks like your typical Indica. The buds are dense and sticky while the leaves are pale green covered with orange pistils. The flowers are large, golden yellow, and have a spade-like figure.


Banana OG terpene profile


Experience and Effects

A night time strain because of its evident Indica qualities, it is important to remember that Banana OG is a creeper strain. No, you did not miraculously develop a higher tolerance for smoking marijuana. Its effects will hit hard and once it does, it is a full-body high that may lead to intense couch-lock and sedation. If this is the effect you’re going for, by all means, enjoy.

To thoroughly get the effects of the strain, it is best to smoke the standard amount and to do so slowly. Savor the aroma, taste the flavor, and wait for the buzz. It is going to be worth every minute of the wait when the high hits. First it hits your head with a cerebral clarity of thoughts. It’s like your imagination and creativity gates have been unlocked. And then you will feel your thoughts racing and your mood improving.

The euphoria is the Sativa side working. This complements the body melt that will soon follow. If you have smoked the right amount, without overdoing it, it won’t leave you stoned to nothingness. It will leave you feeling like butter, melting on a stack of hot pancakes. A relaxing vibe will take over your senses. Banana OG provides a long-lasting high that will take you to a pillow of clouds and peacefulness.

It lets you become aware of your thoughts, you may be able to hear yourself think. The spacey head high releases tension and stress which makes the body melt all the more effective. Just the right amount of this strain will make you feel present and self-aware even if your whole body is sinking into the cushion of tranquility.

Potential side effects of the strain can include paranoia and restlessness especially if it’s a common occurrence for the individual with or without marijuana. If this is the case, avoid the strain altogether.

Cottonmouth and dry eyes, which is typical, may be expected. Necessary preparation like having water and eye drops ready will easily handle these. Munchies may also be a side effect so have your favorite snacks by your side if you decide to smoke Banana OG.


Banana OCannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Banana OG needs enough space to thrive. Like other Indicas, it grows wide but remains short and bushy. Its seeds are available from Grape Ape and Grape Royale which they have graciously made available online. It can thrive indoors or outdoors.

A quality harvest can be achieved only if it has grown in a warm, sunny, and semi-humid climate. The plant flourishes if a 70 degree Fahrenheit temperature is achieved throughout its breeding time. It prefers a steady stream of sunlight so it is important to top off the plant to make sure it receives its daily dose of vitamin D.

Banana OG has a standard flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks if grown indoors and a harvest available by September if grown outside.


Who Is It For?

If you want a strain that can help with relieving the stresses of daily life, you have got to try Banana OG. It is a soothing of the senses and a calming of the body. It is great for easing physical and mental pressures to achieve a restful state of mind and body.

Banana OG is an example of hybrids done right. It cleverly shows the best of its parents characteristics combined in one strain. It is Sativa in its clear cerebral high and Indica in its very potent body melt. It is a relaxation of the senses and the physical body that relieves stresses and promotes mental clarity and introspection.



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