Banana Kush Cannabis Strain Review

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Banana Kush Cannabis Bud

Coming from the legendary Kush family, Banana Kush has made its lineage proud. This classic, old school strain gives a strong indica body high with potent euphoria and mood regulation from its sativa parentage. Depending on your preference through dosage, it can provide cerebral clarity and body relaxation that is good for stimulating creativity. A higher dose can lead to drowsiness after a few hits and then sedation after a few hours.

Banana Kush is generally known for providing a stress-free state. Its enticing aroma and luscious flavor adds to the overall experience that is characteristic of its quintessential high. Classic as it may be, It has proven to be a strain that people keep on coming back to regardless if you’re a baby boomer, gen X, or millennial. Read on to see what makes this strain so special.


Origins of the Banana Kush Strain

A West Coast baby, Banana Kush is proudly bred by BSB farms. It is the progeny of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. Its parentage already boasts of celebrity status in the cannabis community and it is no wonder that their hybrid displays a plethora of benefits that have improved the lives of many who swear by it.

Banana Kush is a 60-40 indica-dominant hybrid. However, it does not necessarily just benefit those that prefer the soothing component of typical indica strains. It brilliantly allows its sativa element to work beautifully to clear the mind and allow for ideas and inspiration to come through. All these works together to create a calm and restful atmosphere.


Banana Kush Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

Banana Kush buds are unique in their own right. They are a very bright green that has striking streaks of yellow mixed in with brass colored pistils. The leaves give off a veiled appearance due to trichomes that sometimes give off a silvery look to it. Other times, the trichomes can become so thick that they can look like frosted snow crystals.

The aroma and flavor of Banana Kush is one of its characteristics that draw users into the strain. It smells just like its name, bananas. It will remind you of luau parties by the beach and different fruit stalls that surround the area. The scent is fruity with tinges of Skunk Haze’s skunk aroma. There’s no denying the Kush in it too. It’s just a smooth smoke with all those attributes combined.

Its taste is particularly fruity, giving you a lot of fresh banana goodness with hints of juicy berries too. It leaves the tongue and palate with a delightfully sweet aftertaste that is just as delectable as its original flavor. Also, it’s a really great smoke. Banana Kush is smooth and gentle to the throat. If there’s an appropriate adjective, it may be glassy or satin-like. You won’t experience the customary coughing fit here, just a chill, relaxing vibe.


Banana Kush terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Many cannabis aficionados consider Banana Kush not just one of the top hybrid strains but one of their top strains altogether. The indica is particularly potent as expected from its profile but it will not leave you couch-locked. If you can take it slow and with low doses, it can relax you and stimulate creativity and motivation to work. The strain is particularly famous in artist circles because of this quality.

It can be a great sleeping aid as well because if taken in its normal dose, a few puffs will relax you to the core. It will promote drowsiness and you will probably be knocked out in 1-2 hours. Regardless of which effect you prefer, the stress-free aura it provides is always a welcome respite. It clears the mind and allows the body to relax, easing little bits of aches that you may be experiencing.

Banana Kush can regulate mood very well, the euphoria you get from the high is never overbearing. It is great for social situations and can even help you open up to another person. Think of a night in with close friends, enjoying food and drinks while experiencing the Banana Kush high. The uplifted and positive feeling will surely bring great conversations and an overall great time for everyone.

Some common side effects to take note of include dry eyes and dry mouth. These are pretty much typical for most OG strains and can easily be handled by having water and eye drops. Others may find that they get dizzy in conjunction with the drowsy feeling. Rarely, mild paranoia can happen for those that are prone to it. If this is you, better avoid this strain.


Banana Kush cannabis flower closeup


Growing and Processing

Growing Banana Kush can be taxing and as such is not recommended for amateur growers. Many breeders, however, have adjusted to its farming guidelines because of its growing popularity. It is particularly sophisticated in its sunlight and climate requirements. It thrives in a warm and sunlit environment as it needs constant sunlight.

These days, many breeders grow their plants indoors to manage their specific growing conditions. If this is your choice for Banana Kush, it is important to take note that the area must allow for a stable and regular light source. Hydroponics may also be used to better the harvest indoors. They may also grow outdoors as long as their temperature and climate specifications are met.

Banana Kush, while it is indica-dominant, possesses Sativa growing characteristics. It can grow up to 16 feet tall and must be habitually trimmed to control its height to grow properly. With all of its sensitivities, it is a relief to know that it is resistant to most cannabis plant diseases. With that said, it has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and an expected yield of 18 to 22 ounces per plant with the higher yield expected for those grown outdoors.


Who Is It For?

Those experiencing chronic discomfort can take advantage of the body relaxation the strain provides. Even those that have trouble sleeping can most definitely benefit from the sedation it gives. If you are frequently troubled and uneasy, you may find a calmness that will give your mind tranquility. Banana Kush is a great recreational strain, too! It can be your end of the day treat to help unwind before bed.

All in all, Banana Kush is a great strain that will fit the needs of many users. Newbies may want to test it out and take it slow before diving into the usual dose to avoid side effects or a hard stone. It is a wonderful nighttime strain that can be enjoyed alone or with a group of friends. The smooth smoke is a welcome quality and the chill energy gives an all in all pleasurable experience.


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