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Delta 8 Hemp Asteroids

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Lab Results

  • 19% CBD, 6% CBG, 7% Delta 8
  • 32.5% Total cannabinoids

If you’re ready to fly to another galaxy, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids will get you there. These extra sticky hemp nugs are coated with a layer of pure delta 8 extract. This outer coating of delta 8 THC gives our asteroids their “sky high” status. 

But don’t worry; IHF verifies these beauties have no more than 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. Although our delta 8 asteroids are incredibly potent, they are legal per the 2018 US Farm Bill. 


Delta 8 Asteroids FAQs

What Are Delta 8 Asteroids? 

If you’ve ever heard of cannabis moon rocks, then you have a decent idea of what hemp asteroids are. In a “nug shell,” moon rocks are cannabis flowers with a layer of concentrate and kief. Although traditional moon rocks were only made with high-THC strains like GSC, there are now products like IHF’s asteroids that use legal hemp strains. 

While most hemp moon rocks focus on CBD, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids have higher-than-average traces of the cannabinoid delta 8 THC. While delta 8 is similar to delta 9 THC, they are separate cannabinoids. Hence, even though IHF’s asteroids have significant levels of delta 8, that doesn’t mean they go against US federal law. IHF always ensures our hemp products contain ≤ 0.3 percent delta 9 THC. 

Why Do People Use Delta 8 Asteroids?

The main reason people love delta 8 asteroids is simple: these nugs are incredibly potent! Just one puff of our delta 8 asteroids is enough to feel impressive effects. Anyone who wants to experience an intense blast of delta 8 won’t be disappointed with IHF’s asteroids.

In addition to potency, many people rave about the flavors in our delta 8 asteroids. Smokers will get to enjoy a plethora of naturally occurring terpenes on each of our Colorado-grown hemp flowers. People who love the earthy flavors of cannabis are sure to enjoy smoking our delta 8 asteroids. 

How Do I Smoke IHF’s Delta 8 Asteroids? 

Delta 8 asteroids are basically glorified hemp flowers, which means they work fine in traditional smoking equipment like bongs, glass pipes, or joint paper. However, since these nugs are so sticky, you shouldn’t put them in a grinder. Instead, it’s better to break a tiny piece of IHF’s delta 8 asteroids with your fingers.


Soar As High As The Heavens With Delta 8 Hemp Asteroids!

If you’re interested in leveling up your hemp smoking experience, IHF’s delta 8 asteroids have a lot to offer. While these nugs are federally legal, they are not for the faint of heart. Delta 8 is far more potent than CBD, which means you’ll need less of these asteroids to feel incredible effects. For those who feel prepared for this smoking adventure, please don’t hesitate to order a batch of IHF’s delta 8 hemp asteroids. 

23 reviews for Delta 8 Hemp Asteroids

  1. Marc Falon (verified owner)

    WOW !!! —After buying a half oz– and smoking my first hit from it– I immediately realized that it was very similar to smoking Lebanese Blond Hash– way back– in the 1960’s !! — I’m 70– and this is my 4th order from IHF– and I am totally pleased with ALL the different strains I have ordered !! — Depending on my mood– depending what time of day it is– I make my choice of which one I will smoke… I have a custom made glass water pipe that I have been smoking out of for the last 40 or 50 years– and it does the trick. and is anything but harsh…. As you smoke your first puff– and hold it in– as long as you can– you immediately realize that you have something special. This is the kind of weed that I recommend smoking late at night because it will make you very sleepy– especially if you smoke about -3- hits…. It is very strong– and it is similar to the Fortified Sovereign Bubba Kush that I have also– and you can’t get anymore– as far as I know– because I think it was sold out a few weeks ago, but let me know if I’m wrong !! What I love about Delta -8- THC– Is that it gets you just about as high in the Galaxy– without the paranoid effects that the good old Delta -9- weed produces !! — If you blast off at first– with a hit or two with THIS weed– and then put it away for the night and maybe smoke some of IHF’s other weaker CBD or CBG weed — AFTER– maybe a half hour or hour later– It will prolong the strong effects of this Asteroid weed– so there is no need– to smoke any more of this precious weed the same night !! — Of course it will make you quite hungry about an hour later– so then I will head out to my local Burger King– just down the block…Anyway– THANK YOU IHF– for all your great products !!! I DOUBT any other hemp farm could be better– and you have me as a valued customer until my dying day ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

  2. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Shipment was insanely fast, the herb is great looks scary lol but I wish they didn’t give me hard buds that didn’t have so many stems.

  3. Pascal

    Does this make you high?

  4. Will (verified owner)

    Smoke very good, helps you relax after a long hard day of work! Awesome!!

  5. David Waldon (verified owner)

    God this is great CBD . mild buzz. .sweet taste. Def a keeper

  6. Travon Cross

    Small in size but very poteand tastes great u will not be let down

  7. Tisha Gordon (verified owner)

    You switched up packaging this time , upon opening kinds disappointed bc I had more last time. Still a Favorite 😌

  8. Michael McCarthy (verified owner)

    It has a funny taste never seen anything like it . Gives you a head high idk kinda hard to describe

  9. Sean (verified owner)

    Astreriods is a great smoke. Great taste and comfort zone……lol when I first saw it it was like wow very interesting. The smell was even better, but the taste was incredible. It had notes of hashish and opium to me.. and the buzz was better then the real stuff, did not get paranoid.0

  10. Oneleo (verified owner)

    Best overall !!

  11. Carolyn (verified owner)

    Wow!!! Love the Asteroid Delta 8. I decarbonate it and sprinkle some on my avocado toast in the morning, the effects last a very long time! Terrific! What a great mood lifter.

  12. Linwood Hall Jr (verified owner)

    Great Buy….. 1st order incorrect, BUT they sent me 2 day package full of GAS!!!! Def will buy again… Thank you for the correction and the **EXTRA APOLOGY** in the Box… SemperFi

  13. Damon Brown

    This stuff will put you in the sky flying hi

  14. Vincent Tan (verified owner)

    As far as I know, this is the best flower in the market right now.
    In my own opinion that NO other flowers will be same like this.

  15. Kris B Hansen (verified owner)

    I enjoyed the taste and the feels. It was a smooth hit. No brainer. Order now.

  16. Holton28 (verified owner)

    One of my top favorite strains. Helps me relax and helps with my anxiety. Will be buying again soon

  17. Tisha Gordon (verified owner)

    Quick shipping, superb product‼️

  18. Bfleming26 (verified owner)

    This has a great taste and feeling one of the best I’ve purchased from IHF will be purchasing again

  19. George Carrillo (verified owner)

    Amazing product! Loved the taste, the look and feels of it. Will definitely be ordering more!

  20. Samuel Smith

    The smell, the look, the effect, the taste is a little weird. Fantastic stuff – worth the high price tag.

  21. James Derrick (verified owner)

    I was skeptical about this but wow! I wasn’t sure about the price at first but this was by far one of the best products I’ve purchased thus far. (and there have been many purchases but this is my first review) This will last me a while!

    Way to go IHF! Another great product!

  22. (verified owner)

    Great taste and feeling. My package was torn into then I opened the small jar to find only a small amount of the product not even the gram I had ordered. It was pretty disappointing. Not the company’s fault prob usps fault. I will still order more of this though, What a great company and even a Colorado based company. I am only 20 mins away from them 🙂

  23. Scott Butler (verified owner)

    Not that I’m surprised, because I’ve been impressed by almost every strain from IHF, but this is incredible. When I opened the package, I said “You’ve got to be kidding me.” This stuff is amazing. The smell, the look, the taste, the effects. Fantastic stuff – worth the high price tag. I’ll be ordering more.

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