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Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

February 13, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain Review

Animal Cookies Cannabis Strain

Just like a box of your favorite childhood treat, the Animal Cookies strain will have you smiling and munching for hours on end. The sweet, herbal flavors leave hints of dough and pastry in the mouth, creating a glorious blend of mouthwatering flavors that are guaranteed to keep you wanting for more. Born from the marriage of two prominent parents, Animal Cookies boasts strong genetics that make it particularly popular among purists and veterans.

Able to ease away your woes and stress, the Animal Cookies cultivar can be a good pick for soothing the tired, weary soul. But take heed – this strain delivers heavy-handed effects that might be a little too potent for mild discomforts that plague daily life.


The Origins of Animal Cookies

There are a few particularly intriguing things about the Animal Cookies’ history. The first is that its parents – Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG – were both carefully inspected and considered to find their best phenotypes.

Today, it’s widely unknown what those specific sub-strains were. Which brings us to the second interesting point about the Animal Cookies’ heritage. Presently, the herb is a clone-only plant, which means it can only be reproduced by taking cuttings or seeds from existing plants. That’s mostly because the specific phenotypes that were used to produce the cultivar have been lost in the annals of cannabis history.

Nonetheless, the Girl Scout Cookies strain lends its uplifted, creative buzz to the Animal Cookies child. From its Fire OG parent, Animal Cookies inherited its herbal flavor and sleepy, drowsy, relaxed impact that hits with the full force of a runaway train.


Animal Cookies Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

The pale green nugs of the Animal Cookies cultivar might look like frosted balls of vegetation that were left under the relentless cold of a blizzard. With a dramatic blanket of crystallized trichomes covering the herb’s exteriors, the Animal Cookies cultivar can capture the attention of any discriminating cannabis buyer.

Underneath the almost-white envelope of resin, you’ll find a blend of green hues, loosely mixed together as though they were splotches of paint on an artist’s palette. On the outside, delicate light-yellow hairs create a complex matrix, complicating the textures and overall aesthetic of the frosted bud.

The Animal Cookies’ nose is a perfect blend of its parents’ aroma. Bringing together the subtle, delicate citrus and herbal notes of Fire OG and the strong jabs of spicy pepper from GSC, the Animal Cookies’ fragrance is both lively and soothing. As the scents blend together, they invigorate the senses and prepare the system for what lies ahead.


Animal Cookies terpene profile


Experience and Effects

Not for the faint of heart, the Animal Cookies cultivar brings intense effects that work to soothe the body and awaken the mind. Its hard-hitting impact focuses more on the body, acting as a powerful relaxant to rid the system of discomfort and tension. But before you enjoy any of those effects, the strain begins with potent flavor that captures the senses through thick plumes of itchy smoke.

Similar to most of the classics, Animal Cookies scrapes through the throat as it passes into the lungs. This scratchy, rough smoke might probably leave less experienced smokers with a bad bout of coughing, making it ideal for novices to take Animal Crackers as any other cannabis-derived product instead.

Quick acting, the strain delivers its potent body-centric impact almost instantly after you take those first few drags. A floaty emptiness takes a hold of the mind, giving you sharp alertness that registers every detail of your surroundings. At the same time, an overpowering sense of calm encapsulates the body, cradling you in sweet release against strong discomfort.

In many cases, the calm collectedness born from the use of Animal Cookies might sway you off into the cushions of your couch, keeping you locked to its plush goodness for the duration of the experience. For that reason, novices are warned to be careful taking the strain, since it has been known to overpower and sedate.


Animal Cookies cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The towering Animal Cookies herb can grow well over 7 feet, so it usually thrives best outdoors where it can stretch out and get as much fresh air and sunlight as it needs. Despite its size however, harvests can be modest, with every foot of the plant’s height producing no more than 3 ounces of bud. On top of that, the strain may take up to 12 weeks to reach maturity, meaning you will have to wait quite a while before you enjoy the gratification of your farming effort.

Nonetheless, Animal Cookies can be a rewarding herb to grow, especially if you’re after the resin. The thick trichome coat sheds light on the kind of extract that you can expect to produce from the cultivar. Encased in a glittering shell of sticky goo, the Animal Cookies strain touts a full-bodied cannabinoid profile that works to bring you the complete benefits of cannabis.

If anything, the drawback of the cultivar is its moderate yield and long growth period. For farmers, this can mean having to wait long for a harvest that might not be substantial enough to supply demand. Even then, Animal Cookies’ strong genetic profile might make the lengthy growth and modest yield worth the risk.


Who Is It For?

There’s a reason why Animal Cookies is mostly enjoyed by purists and veterans. The strong strain’s impact can be overpowering to say the least, charging at discomfort with the full force of a freight train of calm. Its potent, heavy-handed relaxation can lock you to your couch and relieve deeper feelings of tension and discomfort, perfect for those who might be struggling with more severe cases. But for the average everyday issues that might cause mild soreness or irritation, the Animal Cookies’ relentless effects might be overkill.

All that said, those who want to experience release from daily tension might be better off with milder strains that match their need. Novices and first-timers are advised to use Animal Cookies with caution, since its couch lock can be overpowering to say the least. For farmers, Animal Cookies might not be the fastest nor the most bountiful cannabis to grow, but its genetics and prominent profile make it a good choice for extracts nonetheless.


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