Alien Dream Cannabis Strain Review

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Boasting the properties of premium, top-shelf cannabis at a more affordable mid-range price, the Alien Dream cultivar is out-of-this-world fantastic. The strain’s otherworldly flavor is topped only by its intense effects, taking you on a totally trippy journey to a galaxy far, far away.

Packed with dreamy flavor and body-centric effects that take you on a steady course to a whole new world of relaxation, Alien Dream is a heavy-handed cultivar that doesn’t leave any inch of your being untouched. So, get ready for a close encounter of the cannabis kind and dive into an alien experience with this dreamy strain.

The Alien Dream Lineage

The transcendent appeal of the Alien Dream didn’t just sprout out of stardust and moonshine. On the contrary, this ethereal strain has some very earthly parents. It was through the intermingling of Purple Dream and Bob’s Kush – two equally formidable names in the marijuana market – that the Alien Dream was born. These two parent strains contribute quite complex genetics that is almost perfectly established in their offspring.

The first of the parents – Purple Dream – is a balanced hybrid that demonstrates effects that lean ever so slightly towards the Indica side of the spectrum. The result is a controlled calm with a mild energy level that doesn’t cradle you off into dreamland. The effects mainly center around the head, lending both clarity and peace of mind that encourages meditative rumination and, in some cases, a creative fever.

Then we have Bob’s Kush. This stud of a strain demonstrates the stable structure and a stinky smell that’s characteristic of dank varieties. Its potent aroma (or more appropriately, odor) can offend even the most experienced of cannabis users. But its compelling body-numbing effects make it easy to overlook the stink.

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Appearance and Aroma

Owing to its Indica-dominant genetics, the Alien Dream herb has loosely packed nugs that are light and airy. The lime green coat is graced by thousands of little orange hairs that twist in and out of the leaves. And although there isn’t quite a lot of color occurring inside the nugs, the Alien Dream strain does tout an aggressive coating of trichomes.

The starry white flecks glisten in the light and cover the entire exterior of the samples. When handled with bare skin, the strain leaves a sticky film of resin, thanks to its dense trichome jacket. While the sugar-dusted aesthetic does add supreme bag appeal, what’s more, significant is the flavor and aroma that the complex chemistry brings to the table.

In the fragrance department, it’s hard to put a finger on the overall nose that the Alien Dream releases. Its Purple Dream parent lends some worthy, potent fruity notes that are definitely a pleasant olfactory encounter. But at the same time, it’s Bob’s Kush ancestor that brings on the stink, with loads of skunk and gasoline notes that combat the fruity florals that the strain offers. The result is an aroma experience that combines both pleasant and offensive, making you want to sniff to chase the fragrance of fruit as you dodge the unsavory traces of skunk.

Experience and Effects

While the Alien Dream’s formidable genetics make it seem like an aggressive, heavy-handed cultivar, it actually couldn’t be any more of the opposite. The gradual effects gently work their way to a full crescendo, letting you gear up for the ride before you blast off into the unknown. First, it takes you on a sensual trip that engages both your olfactories and your palate.

The aggressive combination of gasoline and fruit combat for center stage, and neither one comes out the winner. For you, that means an interesting tug-of-war between the sweet and the bitter, drawing you in with the lip-smacking goodness of succulent fruit yet balancing it out with the deep, dark taste of jet engine fuel.

Once you overcome the give-and-take interplay between the flavors of the Alien Dream smoke, its heavenly effects take you to the next level. The heady impact starts off by humming through your mind with a subtle wave of tranquility. While not overpowering so as to command your cognition with complete emptiness, a noticeable slowdown of thoughts should ensue.

Finally, the strain finishes off with the hurtling impact of full-body elevation. The reduced sense of discomfort is coupled with a deep sense of relaxation and calm as your limbs start to feel heavier. But as the palpable weight of your extremities seems to increase, your body will start to seem as though it’s floating off into space, paving the way for the perfect way to cap an evening.

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Growing and Processing

The Alien Dream strain takes roughly 10 weeks to reach full maturity. For that reason, growing the strain indoors where it can get extra protection against seasonal changes especially as cold weather settles towards the end of the year can help protect it from environmental variables. A modest yield of around 4 to 5 ounces is typical of the strain, producing just enough to give you a substantial harvest for personal use or retail.

While it doesn’t demonstrate a CBD profile that’s as complex as a top-shelf strain, the Alien Dream comes pretty close. Its dense trichome jacket allows the exceptional flavor and potent effects to power through the extraction process, making it a great choice for cannabis-derived product manufacturers on a budget.

Who Is It For?

While the Alien Dream produces calming effects that can easily cradle anyone to a dreamy slumber, not everyone will find comfort in its body-centric effects. For low-tolerance users and novices, the feather-light full-body outcomes can be a little overwhelming, causing some distress in those who might not be accustomed to the full power of cannabis.

On the other hand, veterans, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts can find substantial satisfaction in the cultivar’s profile. Its interesting flavor interplay, strong aroma, and compelling effects can put any experienced cannabis fan on a rocket ship headed straight to the perfect disposition for an undisturbed evening of blissful relaxation that’s out of this world.

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