Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain Review

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Alaskan Thunderfuck Cannabis Strain

Alaskan Thunder Fuck, also known as ATF, is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid known for its euphoric cerebral buzz. It is a potent strain that has a fast-acting effect on the brain. It is famous for inducing creativity and a soaring feeling of happiness. Its unique aroma makes it memorable and its smooth high will get you up and ready to face the world.

Different from most of its sativa counterparts, Alaskan Thunder Fuck will not leave you feeling like you “crashed” once the buzz has subsided. It’s a great day time strain that will awaken your enthusiasm and will make your mind focus better. One to two puffs of ATF and it will hit you like lightning. It’s best to start slow with low quantities and then buckle up and enjoy the ride.


 Origins of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck Cannabis Strain

 The origins of ATF is obscure. For cannabis aficionados, they might call it Matanuska Tundra or Matanuska Thunder. Its name goes back to where it was first cultivated, the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. First, they crossed an unspecified Russian Ruderalis and a Northern California sativa strain. They eventually crossed their lovechild once more with an Afghani Indica which has resulted in the ATF we love now.

Its effects highly suggest that it is sativa dominant even if its parentage has given it equal 50-50 sativa-Indica genes from the Northern California and Afghani strains, respectively. Its Ruderalis origin makes ATF unique. We know Ruderalis for its high cannabinoid content which adds to the many benefits this strain has and its auto-flowering trait which makes the growth period shorter.


Alaskan Thunderfuck Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

 The aroma of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is not for everyone. The buds smell earthy and woodsy, like cedar. There are undertones of fresh lemon and a damp, diesel, skunk scent. Some even get bits of chocolate sweetness mixed in too. When lit up, ATF gives a burst of pungent, bitter to sour smell that most find offensive. It is a scent that will either need getting used to or something you can tolerate.

The taste of ATF is just as bizarre as its aroma, but fans of the strain deem it to be more acceptable. The smoke is smooth and the flavor of diesel and skunk are still pronounced but with a more citrus taste. Upon exhalation, it leaves a metal and tangy lemon aftertaste. This will vary depending on individual palates. This is an extremely pungent strain when smoked and novice smokers must take caution before using it.

A complete reversal from its aroma, the plant is a sight for sore eyes. Its particularly large buds are densely packed and covered with rust-colored pistils. The pistils are outlandishly long and thin compared to most strains. Its pale green leaves have a cottony appearance, and it produces airy and hefty nugs. Its coating of trichomes can give it a frosted look.


Alaskan Thunderfuck terpene flower


Experience and Effects

 The high you’d expect from Alaskan Thunder Fuck can be compared to a journey to cerebral clarity. A smoke in and there will be an awakening of the senses. Your surroundings will appear to be more vibrant and lucid. The succeeding puffs will focus the mind and allow deep thinking and bursts of creativity.

The uplifting high is euphoria without being overbearing. It has topped the list of many sativa or sativa dominant hybrids because of its effects on the mind. You may also experience a subtle body relaxation. The cerebral acuity can allow you to do whatever is in your schedule. Do you have a busy day ahead? Are you planning to chill at home? You can do either, with ATF, you are in total control of your mind.

Your environment will appear as though everything is in high definition. Alaskan Thunder Fuck gives an energetic start to your day. It puts a smile on the face and can be that pick me up you need to jumpstart your motivation. It is a chill high that gets creative juices flowing and your optimism on point.

Sounds like your typical sativa, you might say. But what makes ATF different is that it gives you the sativa experience without the mind-racing thoughts or the notorious “crash” after. It’s a mellow, relaxing, but focused high.

The novice user may experience mild paranoia from Alaskan Thunder Fuck, it is always best to start slow with low doses to check for possible side effects. Normally, this effect lasts only for a few minutes. Other than that, a dry mouth and the usual headache may be experienced as well. Both can be eased with having water and your usual headache remedy ready.


Alaskan Thunderfuck Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

 Alaskan Thunder Fuck needs expert hands to grow properly. It originated from Alaska and requires a climate that mimics the Northern State. However, not a lot of countries or locations have the same weather and environment. In this sense, others have tried to imitate Alaskan atmospheric conditions in an indoor farm. This method, however, produces a significantly lower yield compared to when it is grown outdoors.

The plant thrives in an outdoor environment with a harvest of 32 ounces that is twice as much compared to its indoor counterpart that only produces around 16 ounces of ATF goodness. It is important to note that an outdoor setup will still need proper inspection as very low temperatures will affect the crop.

Topping the plant is recommended because it can grow to fairly tall lengths. Alaskan Thunder Fuck is a moderate feeder. Growers must note the amount of fertilizer used to avoid lockout.

Aside from the sensitivities mentioned, the plant is relatively resistant to most cannabis diseases. Its flowering period is between 8-9 weeks regardless of where it is grown. The hard work that it takes to grow the plant is rewarded by its yield. Its dense buds are rich in CBD goodness and are responsible for the potent effects which the strain is known for.


Who is it For?

 ATF is a great choice for anyone that wants to kickstart their day and get work done without the usual stress that comes with it. The uplifting high is every bit of happiness that is great for anyone. It can regulate moods and emotions giving off positive vibes. Those that experience frequent mood swings or often have sad thoughts can benefit from it. The subtle body relaxation can also benefit those who are agitated and restless.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has been around since the 70s or probably even earlier. It’s still here for a reason. The experience is such a happy and positive vibe that nobody can dislike. It puts you in a stress-free mindset and allows you to go about your day in a carefree way.


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