AK47 Cannabis Strain Review

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AK47 Cannabis Strain

The child of two landraces, the AK47 cannabis strain is close to nature as it gets. This potent herb delivers the strong genetics of its wild parentage, showcasing the relentless power of cannabis that exists in an untouched, unspoiled form. Because of its genetics, AK47 possesses a cannabinoid profile of unprecedented proportions, boasting aggressive outcomes that can make any veteran hold on to their hat.

Flavorful and fragrant, the AK47 cannabis strain brings together every taste and scent imaginable, engaging your senses in a full-body encounter that can make you forget any other strain you’ve tried. And with its intense effects, there’s really no wonder how AK47 managed to wiggle its way into the cannabis hall of fame.


Origins of the AK47 Cannabis Strain

AK47 is what many would call a classic, encapsulating the flavor and effects of the herb varieties that circulated the market way back in the 70’s. Today, various crosses between different Cannabis phenotypes have made it possible to produce a range of flavors and aromas. But way back when, all people had to go on was the variety of landraces available which were naturally occurring cannabis varieties that were distributed throughout different locations.

The AK47 cannabis strain combines two different landraces, the first of which is the South American. This sativa herb incites the classic effects involving energy and wakefulness. Most of it focuses on mood and disposition, working to help you achieve a sense of euphoria and easy-going carefreedom that can make even the darkest days a reason to smile.

AK47 also incorporates genetics from the Mexican landrace. Another sativa, this landrace brandishes a delectable fruity floral flavor and aroma that makes it especially desirable for those looking for an engaging sensory experience. Awakening the system with a jolt of energy, this landrace lends a sense of productivity and creativity, and may even ignite your social juices.


AK47 Cannabis Bud


Aroma and Appearance

The AK47 strain comes in oversized nugs that look as basic and straightforward as other cannabis strains hailing from the early ages of the herb. The deep colored nugs combine a range of green hues, making them look like they were picked up off of the floor of a lush rainforest. Their bright orange tendrils create a vast network of swirling hairs that add both texture and contrast to each large nug.

Most novice buyers might find the AK47’s overall bag appeal to fall short, especially when considering strains like the Rainbow or Blueberry which can look particularly bright and vibrant beside the monotonous green nugs of the AK47. But even then, the strain does have another card – its fragrance.

Rich with the aroma of sour herbs and moist earth, the AK47 strain delivers a nose-full of strong fragrance that’s a whole lot more pleasant than we can describe. Potent floral undertones add a touch of contrast, but make themselves known more intimately during the smoke experience.


Experience and Effects

The first hit produces a smoke that’s rich in gasoline flavor, perhaps pushing a low tolerance cannabis head to release the pipe and call it quits. But muster up some patience and you’ll find that the flavor evolves the more you drag. Two or three puffs in, and the flavors of chamomile and citrus float through the smoke, gliding effortlessly down your throat in a symphony of taste. Towards the tail end, the sharp taste of flowers and sweet fruit gentle ebbs its way over your taste buds, just enough to be detected by a keen tongue.

The impact of AK47 doesn’t take long to capture your system. It starts off with a tingling that elevates the mind and body into a state of controlled euphoria. And as the happy hormones rage through your system, they relieve any aches and discomforts that might be taking a hold of your system.

The height of the experience is a lively, vibrant disposition that’s free from the throes of daily distress and physical discomforts. With the heightened sense of euphoria, you also get a taste of an elevated desire for socialization. That said, AK47 can be a smart choice if you’re scheduled to see a bunch of people you might not be too excited about.


AK47 Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

The moderately tall AK47 plant can grow anywhere from a little less than 3 feet to a maximum of 6 feet. For every foot of its total height, the herb can produce up to 6 ounces of bud lumping it together with other high yielding choices on the market. It’s not entirely the easiest strain to grow, so it might thrive best indoors where you can accurately tweak its environment.

With the right temperature and fertilizer, AK47 can produce a dense jacket of trichomes rich with resin. This sticky nectar is what you can extract to create cannabinoid concentrates for a range of cannabis-derived products. And because AK47 reaches maturity from the seed in just a little over 7 weeks, you can be certain to have a steady supply of the stuff over just a short wait.


Who Is It For?

AK47 is an all-rounder that works well for all sorts of applications. Its flavor might not be the easiest to stomach especially during those first few drags. But if a novice is willing to take the brunt, then a symphony of fruity floral notes awaits their eager taste buds. The effects of the AK47 can also be easily tolerated by virtually any kind of user with any level of experience. Light, airy, balanced, and lively, the AK47 herb’s impact works wonders for those seeking an experience that can make socialization and daily functioning a little less taxing.

While it isn’t the easiest cultivar to bring to maturity, the AK47 cannabis strain does produce a fat yield that can be sold straight from the plant, or that can be used for cannabis-derived products. Meeting its growing needs with specific detail can help usher out its maximum genetic potential and thicken its cannabinoid profile to get the most out of its extract and from the raw flower itself.


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