Acid Rock Cannabis Strain Review

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Imagine the taste of lemon-juice drenched earth, burnt into smoke, and topped off with jet engine fuel. Now, it’s no surprise how Acid Rock gets its name. Just like a citrus-flavored chunk of organic matter, the strain delivers a distinct flavor and aroma that’s certain to take your senses on a wild ride. So, from the moment you take that first toke to the time that you finally exhale its intensely flavored smoke, you can be sure that Acid Rock won’t leave you hanging.

Now that that’s out of the way – what can Acid Rock do for you, aside from the totally gnarly taste encounter? Well, to put things simply, the strain is loved for its effects of mood and socialization, getting you to feel lighter, happier, and more open to social situations.

The Acid Rock Lineage

Acid Rock was first developed in Colorado where it was perfected over the span of several years. The strain’s genetics were the result of two relatively unknown parent strains that came together for an explosive love affair that would bear one of the most distinct genetic expressions in all of the cannabis industry.

Suzy Q is fairly new to the game, boasting a distinct CBD profile that does away with all those heady effects for total clarity and unsurpassed presence of mind. In the absence of cognitive effects, the strain works to relax the body to give you a completely lucid experience, fully in control of your system as a gentle buzz resonates through your body to get rid of those aches and discomforts.

The River Rock Hybrid strain is the second parent that contributes to Acid Rock’s perfect proportions. The ancestor is the perfect representation of a CBD-dominant strain, boasting a beautiful jacket of fuzzy white trichomes and a complex terpene profile that shines through for maximum relaxation and release from daily distress.

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Appearance and Aroma

Any connoisseur should be able to pick Acid Rock out of a line-up. For as distinct as the strain might be in terms of flavor and aroma, it pushes the envelope even further with its appearance. The unique cultivar boasts a wealth of colors that shine brilliantly through its jar on the top-shelf, making it an obvious first choice for buyers who might be shopping for cannabis for the first time.

Just like a solidified rock of acidic juice, the lime green nugs melt together hues of green and bright yellow against a backdrop of golden brown. Inside, shades of blue and purple peek through the dense clusters, producing a brilliant rock of cannabis that looks like a mineralized chunk of organic material that was formed and shaped by years of exposure to the elements.

To top it all off, the strain also touts a glorious crown of strawberry blonde hairs. The delicate matrix of tendrils course through every facet of the nugs, and compliment the fuzzy jacket of trichomes that cover the entire exterior.

Experience and Effects

High in cannabinoid content, this potent little chunk of cannabis goodness might look unassuming and, well, miniature thanks to its fun-sized nugs. But despite coming in cute, fluffy, little samples, Acid Rock produces a brilliant explosion heavyweight effect. The first of which is buzzing mental clarity, as though a gong had gone off in your mind to shoo away those nasty thoughts.

This buzz then resonates throughout the rest of the body, stretching through the spine and down the limbs with the force of a freight train. The calmness and wakefulness fight it out for supremacy, and the experience almost feels like total body numbness with a rumbling energy forcing its way from underneath your feet.

At the full height of the strain’s effects, you should feel completely relieved of the tensions and discomforts that plague your body. But more than that, the cultivar promises to lend relief versus distress without kidnapping your mind or body away from your control. Simply put, you’ll be completely lucid, clear, and ready to move as the cannabis works to veer your body away from the things that might hinder you from achieving top performance.

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Growing and Processing

The adorable little Acid Rock nugs grow rather rapidly, flowering in just around 8 weeks’ time. The plant itself can be relatively small, but it does provide a bountiful yield averaging 4 to 5 ounces for every foot of the plant’s total height. Because of its size and its strict care requirements, Acid Rock is best grown indoors where you have the opportunity to fine-tune the variables to meet the plant’s needs.

As the herb reaches maturity, it would be ideal to resist the urge to water the growth within the last 3 days before its harvested. This speeds up the drying process and heightens the expression of terpenes and trichomes which is where cannabis gets its power.

Those interested in producing their own line of cannabis-derived products should find sound quality in Acid Rock. These little crystalline clusters shine and glisten with a fat coat of trichomes, which sheds light on the behavior of the sample during extraction. Needless to say, Acid Rock produces incredibly potent concentrates that underline the benefits of the entourage effect. This is mainly thanks to its complex terpene profile that isn’t lost during the extraction process.

Who Is It For?

What’s especially enjoyable about Acid Rock is that it can adapt to your unique needs. Whether you’re hoping to relax, unwind, and lull yourself to sleep, or keep yourself awake and productive throughout the wee hours of morning, the strain can be the perfect companion. Offering both energy and calm, the gentle buzz that ebbs through your system after a toke of Acid Rock can go whichever way you choose – it all depends on what you need.

For the budding business-minded individual, Acid Rock also makes a suitable base substance. Whether you’re growing and harvesting your own batch for retail, or if you’re interested in extracting  to create your own line of products, Acid Rock can be the diamond in the rough that can help you produce top-quality product that won’t let your patrons down.

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