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Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain Review

February 11, 2020 Blog Comments Off on Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain Review

Acapulco Gold Cannabis Strain

Wine, dine, and recline with the Acapulco Gold strain. If you’ve ever tried to splurge and spoil yourself at a posh, world-class resort hotel, then you might have some idea of what the Acapulco Gold strain can do. This delectable, decadent strain comes dressed in a coat of sticky, glistening resin, with bright orange hairs that give it a golden, metallic tinge. But beyond its complex aesthetic, the Acapulco Gold strain delivers a whirlwind of energy and vigor, heightening your creativity for a truly uplifting experience.


The Origins of Acapulco Gold

The child of a landrace, Acapulco Gold doesn’t have parents per se. Instead, the strain is a select phenotype of a cultivar that’s native to Mexico. With genetics that remain untouched by human hands, the Acapulco Gold’s expression in both flavor and effects are pretty much how they exist in the wild – pure, natural, and unhinged.

Acapulco Gold was perfected and stabilized after years of isolation. The Mexican landrace phenotype with the best properties was handpicked, bred with itself, and grown in the best conditions to bring out its most potent properties. Today, we enjoy the Acapulco Gold strain in all its natural glory – a potent cannabis cultivar that’s as close to nature as we can get.

Presently, the Acapulco Gold is the proud parent of strains like the Kelly Hill Gold and Ape Shit cultivars. Certainly, its offshoots have yet to establish their own identity in the competitive cannabis market. But with the Acapulco Gold’s signature genetics, it’s really only a matter of time.


Acapulco Gold Cannabis bud


Aroma and Appearance

Reminiscent of sweet tea and honey, the Acapulco Gold drips with the decadent aroma of your favorite tongue tickling treats. The gentle blend of chamomile and toffee mix together for an immersive, enthralling scent experience that might bring you straight into the posh dining space of a 5-star restaurant. Likeable to a dessert created by a skilled French pastry chef, the Acapulco Gold’s aroma plays with hints of chocolate, honey, herb, and tea to bring you a sumptuous, toe-curling, mouthwatering scent.

In terms of her look, the strain doesn’t disappoint. As though mirroring its glorious aroma, the bud’s exude a glistening, glittering, golden hue, with dazzling beads of crystallized trichomes decorating its surface. Intricate webs of yellow to yellow orange hairs create a gorgeous matrix of texture and color, adding depth and dimension to the golden nugget’s overall bag appeal.


Experience and Effects

Sweet and lip smacking, the Acapulco Gold strain packs a whimsical mouthful of flavor, toying with your taste buds as its dripping sweet smoke courses through your throat. The delectable flavor experience replicates the cultivar’s equally intricate aroma, so you can be certain that the high expectations the strain’s nose provides at the get go won’t be met with disappointment.

The toe curling flavor sticks around for quite a while, leaving remnants of its sweetness in your mouth well after the final toke. But as the smoke envelopes your system, your cognition and focus shift from the taste and aroma, and towards the strain’s effects on your body. Slow and steady, the Acapulco Gold cultivar works up to a hard-hitting crescendo, taking your body on an easy, effortless graduated trip to cloud nine.

Like a gong of wakefulness that suddenly resonates through the mind, the Acapulco Gold’s effects take a hold of your cognition and zap you into a state of alertness, clearing your thoughts and heightening your senses. The buzz travels through your spine, creeping steadily towards the limbs to impact your system with its full effects. At the fullness of the cultivar’s dominance, it overpowers the body with a strong feeling of vigor, giving you energy, creativity, and a positive outlook for a truly sativa-leaning experience.


Acapulco Gold Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

Acapulco Gold grows best in conditions where humidity and moisture are kept at bay. Cultivators trying to grow the strain outdoors should be careful to expose the plant to rain and overwatering. For the most part, Acapulco Gold will reach its full potential for both harvest density and flavor if its grown where it can get lots of direct sunlight and fresh air.

After 10 weeks of growth or more, the Acapulco Gold strain should be ready to be harvested. Each foot that the plant grows in height can produce a yield of around 5 ounces. On average, this strain can grow up to 6 feet in height, making it moderately rewarding to cultivate.

The glorious resin coat that envelopes the Acapulco Gold’s leaves make it a wonderful choice for extraction. Its distinct flavors and aroma are beautifully encapsulated in its concentrate, which in turn makes the ideal foundation for cannabis-derived products like edibles and tinctures.

On the other hand, the Acapulco Gold strain might not be for those who are only just starting out on growing and processing their own cannabis. With its lengthy growing period and its precise drying and curing requirements, Acapulco Gold can be difficult for those without the knowledge in the process.


Who Is It For?

What’s truly interesting about Acapulco Gold is that it produces the quintessential sativa effects without overpowering the body. The strong, palpable changes swirl through the body and mind, leaving you in a state of energetic buzz as you juggle the positive effects of increased productivity and creativity.

For the most part, Acapulco Gold can be a versatile strain for all types of users across various levels of expertise and experience. But all in all, it works best to serve those who might need the added energy boost, lending its fast-acting vigor and clarity to help you power through a day’s workload.

In terms of being the main ingredient for cannabis-derived goodies, Acapulco Gold’s properties shine through as a great choice especially for edibles. Keep in mind though – the plant can be temperamental, especially after the entire growth process. Those who don’t have the expertise with growing and processing their own cannabis might want to learn the ropes before handling this 24 karat masterpiece.


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