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3 Kings Cannabis Strain Review

February 11, 2020 Marijuana Strains Comments Off on 3 Kings Cannabis Strain Review

3 Kings Cannabis Strain

Aptly called ‘3 Kings’, this one-of-a-kind cultivar touts a genetic trifecta, combining properties from three of the most popular strains presently available. The perfectly balanced 50-50 3 Kings combo brings a blend of relaxation and elevation, making you feel at ease without completely knocking out your cognition. Flavorful, mildly energizing, and incredibly soothing, the 3 Kings cannabis strain is a genetic work-of-art that’s guaranteed to give you the royal treatment you’ve been craving for.


Origins of the 3 Kings Cannabis Strain

The 3 Kings strain gets its name from the fact that it was produced from the intermarriage of three of the greatest cannabis kings on the market. This royal family includes three cultivars that each have their own prominent personality, giving them aggressive traction in the ever changing and competitive market of cannabis.

The first is none other than OG Kush. Cultivated in the early 90’s, this strain hails from Florida and boasts a complex genetic expression that leans ever so slightly towards the sativa side of the spectrum. The herbal citrusy flavor and aroma blends with skunk and spice to give rise to a truly enthralling sensory experience. Effect-wise, the strain subdues the mind and body for a calm, cool, collected trip that will take you through to cloud nine.

The second parent is Headband. The energetic strain combines lemon and diesel, and has been known as the perfect solution against cognitive tension and pressure. And that’s basically how it got its name – the strain’s ultra-soothing effects on the mentality can make you feel like you’re wearing a crown – or headband – of calm.

The third and last parent – Sour Diesel – is the genetic backbone of thousands of offspring strains. The invigorating, sativa-dominant cultivar is beloved by many for its potent flavor and uplifting effects that can turn your mood around with no less than a toke or two.


3 Kings Cannabis bud


Appearance and Aroma

Just as you would expect from a strain of royal lineage, the 3 Kings cultivar boasts a golden jacket of gloriously crystallized trichomes. The glistening exterior rests on a bed of earthy brown and yellow hues, giving the strain an undeniable metallic tinge that makes it look like the crown jewel of a long lost empire.

Peering through the veil of earth colored surface leaves, bright neon and lime green paint the interior of the nugs. This adds dimension and depth to the bud, which is further enhanced by the delicate orange veins that gently embrace the leaves.

As you finish gawking at the 3 Kings unreal bag appeal and poke your snout into the pack, an overpowering wave of pepper and spice take jabs at your senses. Strong enough to clear a blocked sinus, the lively aroma gently transforms into a blend of citrus and berry, tapping into your pleasure centers to make you want to stick your nose into the sample for hours.


Experience and Effects

A cannabis strain fit for a king, the 3 Kings cultviar kicks off the experience with a strong tangerine taste that jabs at the taste buds to wake you up from your sleepy haze. Its thick plumes of smoke coat the interior of the mouth, leaving a grainy film over the soft tissues. The thick puffs continue to travel through your mouth and down your throat, leaving a scratchy, scraping feel as it passes into your lungs. On the exhale, the smoke becomes smoother, softer, and more pleasant against your throat and lips.

And that’s when the magic starts. Nothing more than a toke or two should put the strain into full throttle. A strong sense of calm and clarity should start to creep over your head, casting a cloud of soothing relaxation over your mind. This in effect clears away cognitive clutter, making your mind feel freer are lighter so you can dwell on carefree thoughts that come and go.

A gentle electric buzz rapidly courses up and down the spine, bringing your body to life and giving you slightly elevated energy. Together with enhanced creativity, this increased vigor might just be the key to help you make the most of your time, helping you max out your talents to come up with new ideas and finish up on projects you’ve been meaning to get around to.


3 Kings Cannabis flower close up


Growing and Processing

When it comes to the growth process, the 3 Kings strain isn’t exactly what you would call particularly different. The strain grows to a modest height of about 6 feet or less, producing an average harvest of 4 to 5 ounces of bud for every foot that it grows. Relatively hardy, it grows well both indoors and outdoors, but thrives best in conditions where moisture and humidity are aptly controlled. Give the plant an average of 9 weeks to reach full maturity.

What it lacks in size however, it makes up for with its dense trichome jacket. The thick crystallized chemical compounds that lace the exterior of the nugs make it the perfect sample for post-processing. With its flavor and aroma fully expressed through its complex thrichome profile, the 3 Kings strain can be a suitable choice if you’re looking for something you can experiment with for your very own cannabis-derived products business.


Who Is It For?

With its delectable flavor, impressive effects, and well-rounded profile, the 3 Kings strain can be the perfect pick for almost any and every kind of cannabis user. The cultivar is well-balanced and controlled, offering the perfect balance between sativa and indica effects, neither sedating nor intoxicating for a truly relaxed experience. So whether you’re an experienced veteran or a cannabis novice, the 3 Kings strain might be right up your alley.

Aside from its effects, the 3 Kings cultivar also makes a viable choice for those who want to try their hand at extraction. Its complex trichome profile provide a strong basic framework for a wealth of different types of cannabis-derived products. With its rich flavor and aroma, the strain promises potent concentrates that make the perfect foundation for full-bodied edibles and more.


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